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Bookselling in the 21st Century: Part I: Adapt or Die

Bookselling in the 21st Century: Part II: Before Looking Ahead, Look Back to Make Sure the Ship Isn't Sinking

Bookselling in the 21st Century: Part III: If You Learn How To Do Nothing Else ...

Bookselling in the 21st Century: Part IV: Identifying Books That Need to Be Liquidated Immediately

Bookselling in the 21st Century: Part V: How To Liquidate Books

Bookselling in the 21st Century: Part VI: Insulated Niches: An Introduction

Bookselling in the 21st Century: Part VII: Insulated Niches: Signed Hypermoderns

Bookselling in the 21st Century: Part VIII: Books Purchased for Decoration

Selling on eBay - Changes for Fixed Price Items and the 1,000-Book Challenge

The Impact of Buy.com on eBay Bookselling

The Blind Men and The Elephant - An Interview with Nebraska Book Company

Selling on Amazon - How to Grade Book Bindings - Distinguishing New Books from Like New Books, by Craig Stark

Selling on eBay - How To Accumulate Positive Feedback - Fast!

Building Value Into Your Judgment - Simple Techniques for Quickly Adding Content to Your Descriptions

The Heritage Press Catalog & Checklist

Scanning Solutions for Booksellers - The " Edge Scanner Ain't So Bad

Bookselling Research Step-By-Step - A Brief Guide to the Guides

Opportunities for Booksellers in a Faltering Economy

Making "Non-Books" Work for You - How to Turn Color Slides and Negatives into, Uh, Money

Protecting Your Inventory - A Few Suggestions for New Booksellers

What You Can Learn From Book Auction Catalog - Part I: How to Describe Faults

Removing Odors From Books With An Ozone Generator

Increasing Your Bookselling IQ with Libraries Unlimited

USPS PS FORM 2976: Why Not Print It Instead of Filling It Out by Hand

Shipping Solutions for Booksellers: A Fast, Cheap and Secure Method for Labeling Your Packages

Update to Shipping Suggestions for Booksellers - Sealing the Multi-D Box with Hot Glue

The Kind of Bookseller EBay Now Wants Forces You to Be - Is it Such a Terrible Thing?

EBay Actions Live on BookThink - An Introduction

Bookselling 2008: What Can You Do to Make It A Good Year?

Shipping Solutions for Booksellers - The New Multi-D Box

Naked Nobility - An Interview with Sally MacKenzie

ASellerTool Product Test - Zip, Zip Zipping to Bookselling Profits

Attention Booksellers: Misrepresentation is Rampant - An Alarming State of Affairs in Collectible Fiction

Storage Solutions for Booksellers - Part I: The Options

Storage Solutions for Booksellers - Part II: The Joint

Why You Should Write for BookThink

A Guide to Understanding Number Lines in Books: It's Not as Simple as You Might Think

Taking Bookselling to the Top - Part IVb: How to Succeed in Bookselling without Really Trying

A Bookseller's Guide to Sue Grafton - Easy as ABC

You: Fooled Again! - Part I: Anatomy of a (Hardcover Advice) Best Seller

What's New at Scoutpal Instant PDA Scanning Anytime, Anywhere (No Connection Required

From Here to Obscurity - A Bookseller's Guide to Dorothy Lyons

EBay: 2006 a Review - The Tiger Crouches before It ... Leaps?

Taking Bookselling To the Top - Part IVa: How To Succeed in Bookselling Without Really Trying

BookHunt Tip of the Month - If You Don't Know Where to Start, Start Here

Caught Any Carp Lately? Angling for Profits in Bookland

How to Package Books - Parts I and II

When Less is More - An Additional observation on eBay Stores After the Fee Increases

When Less is More - Some Observations on eBay Stores After the Fee Increases

Who is Your Competition? - And Why It Matters

The Long White Mystery - Deep in the Woods - and Nearly Lost - with Clara Dean Marshall

Children's Picturebook Price Guide - A BookThink Review

Buying and Selling - The Everyman's Library - A Primer

Buying and Selling Heritage Books - A Primer

Special Supplement to The BookThinker, #73 Update How To Beat The eBay Stores Fee Increase 15 Strategies to Consider

George Vanderbilt's Library - A Dream Realized - An Interview with Suzanne Durham

The Future of Bookselling - How To Succeed In Spite of It Part II: New School and Old School Bookselling

The Future of Bookselling - How to Succeed In Spite of It Introduction

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