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#114, 11 February 2008

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Collecting Science Fiction
Exceptions to the Rule
The Science Fiction Book Club
Part I

Science Fiction Editor Timothy Doyle discusses an important concept today - exceptions to the rule. There are few rules in bookselling that don't have exceptions, and yes, there are even exceptions to the rule that Reader's Digest Condensed Books are worthless. In Part I of a 3-part series, Tim investigates the Science Fiction Book Club, offers a search methodology for identifying more valuable SFBC titles, and lists specific SFBC omnibus editions that are worth grabbing.

Selling on Amazon
Amazon's Catalog Cleanup
Has Created a Mess

Steve Weber's topic is, shall we say, less cheerful - the Amazon catalog. If you're an Amazon Marketplace seller, you're doubtless aware of the horrific cataloguing issues plaguing this venue. Recently, Amazon has made attempts at cleaning things up, but not unexpectedly, it hasn't been smooth sailing. Steve explains why and what you can do about it.




On What Planet Is The Alibris Warehouse?
Out of This World Regulations for MRS
(Merchandise Return Service Labels)

If you haven't seen Alibris' February newsletter yet, it seems they've taken a stance on books shipped to their warehouse that could only be sustained on ... Mars? MRS (Merchandise Return Service) labels may not, they assert, be accompanied by anything else, which in effect prevents you from purchasing Delivery Confirmation or Insurance. News Editor Karin Bergsagel elaborates.

From the Editor
Important announcements for BookThinker readers.

Update to Shipping Suggestions
for Booksellers
Sealing the Multi-D Box with Hot Glue

If you've made the switch to Multi-D boxes and are using tape to seal them, you may have experienced occasional problems with them popping open en route to their destinations. The likelihood of this happening seems greater with heavy and/or thicker books because gaps open up if the packages are lifted by the edges (see the photo in the following article). Most booksellers have solved this problem by using additional tape in one or more places, but today I'd like to propose a better solution - one that's faster, more secure and cheaper.

Professor Booknoodle's Scrapbook
A Princely Sum, Part II:
Golden Fragments, or,
Dialogue with an Old Herbal

Also in this issue - we're taking another trip back in time with Professor Booknoodle. This is the anxiously anticipated Part II to "A Princely Sum." More than anything else, this tale will give you a vivid - and I do mean vivid - sense of how good we've got it today, medically and otherwise.



Gold Edition #46
How To Establish a
Trusted Internet Bookselling Presence

What makes for success in the current bookselling environment? This Gold Edition issue focuses on one of the most important - establishing trust with buyers and includes Tools for Establishing Trust with Buyers. Purchase now.


BookThink's Quarterly Market Report of Common, Profitable Books
Issue #3
Issue #3 of BookThink's Quarterly Market Report of Common, Profitable Books is now available for purchase. Purchase or subscribe now.

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4 February 2008>>>

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The Kind of Bookseller
EBay Now Wants Forces You to Be
Is It Such a Terrible Thing?

The buzz this week, of course, swirls around the announced changes at eBay. Never before have I seen so many changes in one shot - changes to fees, feedback and more. Predictably, the response has been largely negative, but there's a curious difference this time: Most of these changes play right into the hands of the bookseller BookThink has been urging you to be and in some cases may even result in a net reduction of fees. Can you spell "PowerSeller"? The term will actually mean something now.

The Accidental Antiquarian
Becoming an Antiquarian Bookseller
Part I: Knowledge Adds Value

Surely your success as a bookseller depends to a large extent on your ability to locate and purchase high quality inventory, but to truly advance in this profession, sooner or later you'll need to develop the ability to add value to books. As Accidental Antiquarian Chris Lowenstein explained last month, this ability is what distinguishes antiquarian booksellers from other booksellers. Today she discusses various approaches to learning how to master it.


  • The Performing Arts: A Guide to the Reference Literature
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  • My Name in Books : A Guide to Character Names in Children's Literature
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  • Make Mine a Mystery: A Reader's Guide to Mystery and Detective Fiction
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  • Introduction to Bibliography and Reference Work
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  • International Bibliography of Discographies
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  • Index to Black American Writers in Collective Biographies
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  • Graphic Novels: A Bibliographic Guide to Book-Length Comics
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  • Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Literature: A Genre Guide
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  • Fine Arts: A Bibliographic Guide to Basic Reference Works, Histories, and Handbooks: Second Edition
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  • Fantasy Authors: A Research Guide
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  • Encyclopedic directory of ethnic newspapers and periodicals in the United States
    Buy it at Amazon or Abebooks First Edition Guides: General

    • 20th Century First Edition Fiction: A Price and Identification Guide
      2008 Edition, Thomas Lee

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    • American First Editions, Merle Johnson, revised and enlarged by Jacob Blanck (Fourth Edition)
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    • Author Price Guides, Allen and Patricia Ahearn (4 vols.; also available for individual authors; also issued as complete set on CD; 174 authors to date. Note: Some issued in looseleaf binder so determine contents before buying.)
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    • A Bibliographical Introduction to Seventy-Five Modern American Authors, Gary M. Lepper
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    • Bibliography of American Literature, Jacob Blanck (9 Volumes)
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    • Bibliotheca Americana: Dictionary of Books Relating to America From its Discovery to the Present Time, Joseph Sabin (29 Volumes or 2-Volume Microprint)
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    • The Book Collector's Handbook of Values, Van Allen Bradley (1982-1983 Edition)
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    • Collected Books, Allen and Patricia Ahearn
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    • First Editions: A Guide to Identification, Edward N. Zempel and Linda A. Verkler
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    • First Printings of American Authors, Matthew J. Bruccoli (5 Volumes)
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    • Guide to First Edition Prices 2008/9, R.B. Russell
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    • Modern British Authors, B.D. Cutler and Villa Stiles
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    • Modern First Editions: Points and Values, Gilbert H. Fabes and William A. Foyle (First, Second and Third Series)
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    • Pocket Guide to the Identification of First Editions, Bill McBride
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    • Points of Issue: A Compendium of Points of Issue of Books by 19th - 20th Century Authors, Bill McBride
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    • Wright Howes: The Final Edition (of U.S.iana)
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