From The Editor

by Craig Stark

#114, 11 February 2008

If you've made the switch to Multi-D boxes and are using tape to seal them, you may have experienced occasional problems with them popping open en route to their destinations. The likelihood of this happening seems greater with heavy and/or thicker books because gaps open up if the packages are lifted by the edges (see the photo in the following article). Most booksellers have solved this problem by using additional tape in one or more places, but today I'd like to propose a better solution - one that's faster, more secure and cheaper.

Also in this issue - we're taking another trip back in time with Professor Booknoodle. This is the anxiously anticipated Part II to "A Princely Sum." More than anything else, this tale will give you a vivid - and I do mean vivid - sense of how good we've got it today, medically and otherwise. If you missed Part I, you can catch up here.

Finally, it occurred to me recently that I haven't published a BookHunt report in many months. I haven't by any means stopped buying inventory on eBay, but I did take the first half of January off to catch up on some things and, when I resumed, still had less time to spend on it than I usually do. The following report, therefore, includes results for a two-week period of reduced activity.

Books purchased: 22

Cost of acquisition (final value plus shipping): $348.65

Estimated resale value (conservative): $1470.00 or $1121.35 gross profit - and several have already sold at expected prices.

I should emphasize that, once you've gained experience with this (learned how to use BookHunt, amassed productive keyword searches, etc.), it doesn't take much time at all to score books, so if you're having trouble locating good inventory in the field, this might be a good time to give BookHunt a shot. It's still only $19.99 with a money-back guarantee, and you can purchase it bundled with the 4-part Gold Edition series on how to buy inventory online for only $29.99. Get it done here.

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