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#104, 24 September 2007

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The Empirical Bookman
The Hunt Redux: Ode to a Golden Age ...

Point counterpoint today, but it's all gold. First up is our Empirical Bookman, Jaime Frontero, presenting three gold nuggets of bookselling wisdom and an interesting caveat on the "hot book." As always, Jaime should be read carefully - so don't rush through this - and keep it to refer back to.


UK Bookselling
Worth Its Weight in Gold
G.P. Taylor's Mariah Mundi

Second, UK Editor Claire Maine returns with another analysis of - what else? - a "hot book," this time G.P. Taylor's Mariah Mundi, a gripping adventure that includes a magic casket capable of turning anything into gold. And there's some potential gold awaiting booksellers who pay heed to Claire's investment advice.


UK Bookselling
An Interview with G.P Taylor

Claire also had the distinct privilege of interviewing the author, who is presently on tour, and the result appears today as well.

From the Editor
Important announcements for BookThinker readers.

Naked Nobility
An Interview with Sally MacKenzie

Until this summer, I'd never read a romance novel. No doubt I could've survived another 58 years without reading one, but I would've missed something special - someone special. What brought this about had nothing to do with the romance genre at all. In the process of researching hypermoderns for BookThink's current Gold Edition series, I came across a book that was displaying unusual behavior in the marketplace. And it just happened to be a romance novel. Thinking that this might be something worth pursuing in a deeper sense, I subsequently set up an interview with its author and read the book - don't we all have to live outside the box sometimes? Many surprises ensued. See what they were in today's first feature article, "Naked Nobility: An Interview with Sally MacKenzie."


The Perfect Storm
The St. Louis YMCA Book Fair

With me today is BookThink's Ephemera Editor Michele Behan, who, by the way, won't be breathing a word about ephemera. Instead she'll share some rather turbulent experiences (in more ways than one!) at a recent Midwest FOL sale in our second feature article, "The Perfect Storm, The St. Louis YMCA Book Fair."


BookThink's Quarterly Market Report of Common, Profitable Books
Issue #2
Issue #2 of BookThink's Quarterly Market Report of Common, Profitable Books is now available for purchase. Purchase or subscribe now.



Gold Edition #42
How To Specialize in Bookselling
Part IV: Types of Specialties, Hypermoderns (2), Mystery and Detective Fiction
Issue #42 of the Gold Edition - Part IV of the new series, How to Specialize in Bookselling, is now available for purchase. Purchase now.




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BookThink's Gold Edition
BookThink's Quarterly Market Report of Common, Profitable Books

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BookThink Update
17 September 2007>>>

Update Announcements

Selling on Amazon
How to List and Sell Your Oddball Books on Amazon

At Amazon, more often than not, pre-ISBN products now have multiple discrete catalog pages presenting copies of either the same book or books with slight, mostly inconsequential differences. When faced with this, which catalog page do you list your book on? BookThink’s Steve Weber answers this question and other difficult listing questions in today’s first article, “How to List and Sell Your Oddball Books on Amazon.”


Top 10 on eBay
June 2007

BookThink's June Top 10 revealed both good and bad news. On the positive side, there were more international auctions with sellers from Poland, Canada, Australia, and Germany. NARUs were the negatives. They struck 5 of the top fiction and non-fiction winners, including the top sale in each category. Was it summer "fun" or the start of a trend?


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