From The Editor

by Craig Stark

#104, 24 Sept 2007

Until this summer, I'd never read a romance novel. No doubt I could've survived another 58 years without reading one, but I would've missed something special - someone special. What brought this about had nothing to do with the romance genre at all. In the process of researching hypermoderns for BookThink's current Gold Edition series, I came across a book that was displaying unusual behavior in the marketplace. And it just happened to be a romance novel. Thinking that this might be something worth pursuing in a deeper sense, I subsequently set up an interview with its author and read the book - don't we all have to live outside the box sometimes? Many surprises ensued. See what they were in today's first feature article, "Naked Nobility: An Interview with Sally MacKenzie."

With me today is BookThink's Ephemera Editor Michele Behan, who, by the way, won't be breathing a word about ephemera. Instead she'll share some rather turbulent experiences (in more ways than one!) at a recent Midwest FOL sale in our second feature article, "The Perfect Storm, The St. Louis YMCA Book Fair."

Finally, some of you have been reporting errors with BookHunt. Effective September 23, these errors have been fixed, and all BookHunt users will receive an email tomorrow with instructions for download. Many of you have also been reporting some stunning successes acquiring quality, low-cost inventory with BookHunt. If you havenít given it a try, BookHunt comes with a money-back guarantee and is available as a stand-alone program or bundled with the Gold Edition series on buying inventory online. Purchase it here.

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