Brenda Gantt

by Craig Stark

31 January 2023

Falsh in the Pan or in It for the Long haul?

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By Craig Stark

When I was a kid watching some new celebrity being interviewed, the assumption was often that becoming famous happened overnight. Well, sometimes it did, but most often it happened after years of hard work. However, things have most certainly changed. Today a video can be uploaded to a high traffic platform, and a star can be born near instantly, assuming all the essential ingredients are in place. This happened to one Brenda Gantt, only there was at least one unusual fact: She was born in 1947.

Her fame began in March, 2020. She explained it thus:

"One day I was just cooking lunch. And I thought, 'Well, I'm just going to hold my phone up right here and I'm going to get my biscuit bowl, and I'm going to make these biscuits on my little Facebook and I'm going to put it on there.'"

This was the result - where the magic began - and millions of followers ensued.

Watch it here.

There's no secret recipe here. She's got it all. Authenticity. Personality in spades. And comfort food.

In 2021, a cookbook followed as well:

After a modest first printing, which quickly sold out, reprints have followed. Expect to pay three figures for just about any edition - for the time being.

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