by Claire Main

#109, 10 December 2007

Chronicles of Success

UK Bookselling

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Did you have a good Halloween? I'm still stirring the cauldron and practising my cackle. But I know that as soon as Halloween is finished it's full speed ahead for Christmas, and Christmas means Christmas chocolate, not any old chocolate but Christmas chocolate. Christmas chocolate is unique in having all its calories removed by special elves working in Santa's workshop. They don't waste these calories but recycle them. Santa is very keen on recycling. They put all these spare calories into sports drinks.

So, as I walk in my local park eating my Christmas chocolate, I can smile fondly at the joggers staggering past slurping noisily at their sports drinks. I know who is losing the most weight!

But as William Shakespeare said regarding chocolate, "To bite, or not to bite, that is the question." Well, well, we can answer that question for you, as can Wendy Alec, whose dynamic series of books titled The Chronicles of Brothers is taking the literary world by storm. Wendy seems to have the answers to the most fundamental of all questions. Where do we come from? How did the universe begin? How did our perceptions of good and evil evolve? Wendy Alec answers these questions and weaves a fast moving action packed fantasy adventure story of epic proportions. Her style is wonderfully descriptive and colourful as she plots the fall of Lucifer from the Prince of Good to the Prince of Evil in book one. She backs the story with attention to detail which helps to answer the most exacting of scientific questions.

Now Messiah: The First Judgement sequel to her bestselling first novel Fall of Lucifer has just been released. Everyone is going crazy in the UK for this title, and it's no wonder as the series will no doubt make an amazing film.

So who is Wendy Alec? After finding out all about the books, I tracked her down to a small Cornish village in the South of England, where she lives with her family.

"I was born in London, England. My father was an amazingly gifted man with an incredible sense of life, people and humour. The whole family immigrated to South Africa when I was eight so I grew up on the shores of the Indian Ocean in Durban. I am a creative junkie and even from a very early age was drawn to the arts. I started writing my first rock opera when I was nineteen, just fresh out of drama school since to me it incorporated my two great loves, music and drama, writing found a way to transcribe everything I visualised in my head onto paper; it's the same to this day. The early part of my life paved the way for an intensive creative career that would span the next twenty years. In the early 90's I entered the advertising industry as a copywriter, then became creative director of a TV commercial production house before launching with my husband the UK and Europe's first religious television channel on Rupert Murdoch's SKY platform in the UK in 1995. As TV network Controller and Creative Director, I was responsible for masterminding the Channel's radical creative international branding and programming. Twelve years later, in a whirlwind turn of events, the Channel, God TV, is over half the size of CNN, now broadcasting eight separate 24-hour television channels to over 450 million global viewers, the most recent launch to 16 million homes on the Direct TV platform broadcasting across the USA. It's a hectic lifestyle and I can't imagine what it would be like to have the luxury of writing full time but fortunately I love all the media activities I am involved in. I am currently preparing for the rapidly approaching film development schedule for Chronicles which will involve creating the conceptual artwork, storyboards and then pre-visuals before moving onto pre-production.

"It means so much to me to see that in the UK and around the world the books have developed a cult following through word of mouth to become one of the most successful self-publishing phenomena in the history of the UK. The saga revolves around the age old theme of the battle between good and evil. In the world today many people have questions that are left unanswered such as in the debate on why bad things happen to good people. I have attempted in the Chronicles series to create a fictional concept to take the reader on a journey into a fantasy world that tells a tale older than the universe itself, of a race created from a unique DNA sequence that will constitute the human genome code, the consequence of which is to precipitate a war that is to be fought throughout the annals of time: the war for the race of men. The plot revolves around three Archangels, Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer who are Brothers set in the first heaven, the plot then jumps from the first heaven to earth to three human brothers - The De Vere Brothers, so its character driven and all seven books develop around the two sets of Brothers: the Angelic Archangels and the De Vere's from the race of men. I carefully research all my books using creative license to bring factual accounts to life and currently for Son of Perdition, the next book, I am looking particularly at ... well, you will have to wait, it's all in the book!"