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#77, 11 September 2006

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18 September 2006>>>

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I Meant What I Said But ...
Maybe It Will Help to Elaborate

Well. The BookThink mailbox was, to say the least, somewhat busier than usual this week, but I suspected it would be. If you weren't one of those who responded with a pat on the back for a job well done, there's an article in this issue that, for what it's worth, elaborates on what I said. Or meant. Or something. Read it if you have a few minutes to burn; otherwise, go straight to Steve Weber's article. Far more profitable, I think.

Cashing in by Adding Books
To Amazon's Catalog
Selling on Amazon

Amazon Marketplace is no longer a repository for ISBN-era books only. Booksellers now have the ability to add non-ISBN books to Amazon's catalog, and if you haven't already noticed, huge numbers of these books have indeed been added. If it sounds like work creating new catalog listings, okay, it can be, but the payoff can be big as well, and there are some tools that can speed the process considerably. Steve Weber explains all in today's BookThinker.



From the Editor
Important announcements for BookThinker readers.

Putting a Face on Faceless Venues
An Interview with Abebooks' Sue Connors

It's almost an axiom that the largest bookselling venues attract the most criticism, and there's no question that Abebooks, along with eBay and Amazon, have fielded the brunt of bookselling ire in recent years. But Abebooks, in my opinion, has received more than its fair share of bad press, I think in part because it has introduced so many changes, especially in the past year - and we all know how enthusiastic booksellers are about change. Add to this the fact that Abebooks dominates the online market for antiquarian and collectible books - that is, it's home to a large contingent of Old School booksellers, many of whom marketed A & C books in pre-Internet days, and some of them are perhaps more resistant to change than others, more likely to vocalize their displeasure. Change is uncomfortable but - don't forget - often necessary and, perhaps more often than we realize, a direct response to booksellers' needs or circumstances that aren't apparent at first glance. Read Catherine Petruccione's interview with Abebooks' Sue Connors for an illuminating look at this pioneer bookselling venue, and you may see things in a different light.

50/50 Issue #16
Now Available

Issue #16 of 50/50 is now available for purchase; its focus is "Opportunities in Music (Primarily Classical)." Subscribe today here.


Gold Edition #30
How To Become a Full-Time Bookseller
Part VIII: Bringing It Home
The Moral Imperative
Issue #30 of the Gold Edition is now available for purchase. This is Part VIII of a eight-part series on How to Become a Full-Time Bookseller Purchase now.

Introducing .... BookHunt
Software Designed for
Buying Inventory Online

The bookselling theme we pound the hardest at BookThink is this: Sell better books. Agreed, some of you don't live in inventory rich areas, and this may be easier said than done. One solution I've suggested is to start buying some of your inventory online. After all, where are most of the best books located? For most booksellers, however, especially those new to the business, buying online is significantly more difficult than buying books in the field. Or was until now. Software developer Ian Ashbury has come to the rescue. Ian has designed a tool for BookThink that will greatly enhance your ability to not only locate inventory online but also save you countless hours you otherwise would've spent slogging through listings at eBay. It's called BookHunt, and here's more information.

BookThink Consulting - Phase I
BookThink's eBay Critique

NEW! Are your eBay auction presentations lacking that certain something? Are you frustrated with listing high quality items again and again and not getting top prices for them? If so, BookThink's new consulting service, eBay Critique, may be the answer. eBay Critique consists of two elements - one, a detailed analysis of your existing eBay auctions identifying specific problem areas; and two, suggestions for improvements. Primary areas of concern include image quality, presentation layout and textual content. Read our FAQ for more details and get started today.



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Book Repair for BookThinkers
How to Replace Endleaves

How many times have you opened a seemingly swell book only to be met with a gaping, unsightly split hinge? Not quite the kiss of death, but a significant flaw nonetheless - and yet, sending it off to be repaired rarely makes sense because the subsequent gain in value would likely be offset by the cost of the repair. However, there's another option - repair it yourself. Too difficult, you say? Well, BookThink's Book Repair Editor Gail Altman begs to differ, and she's here today to explain exactly how it's done.

BookThink's Top 10 on eBay
July 2006

Also today - the July installment of Pamela Palmer's Top Ten on eBay. Some familiar faces appear, some new ones as well, and apparently several sellers encountered some unusual problems selling at the top end. Pam elaborates.


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