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#65, 27 March 2006

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3 April 2006>>>

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Further Adventures in Book Land
An Interview with John Dunning

As promised, Media Editor Catherine Petruccione's interview with bestselling mystery writer John Dunning appears today. His new book, The Bookwoman's Last Fling, is scheduled for release in late May, and Cathy, who has had the pleasure of reading it, reports that it's yet another successful entry in the popular Cliff Janeway series.

Profits in VHS Tapes
Documentaries and Other Nonfiction

Get your scouting books out again. You may recall my article on DVDs sometime back - how fitting them into your bookselling schemes can be both easily accomplished and profitable. Today the topic is VHS tapes, and if you think that they've been supplanted by DVDs, think again. Pick your spots, and results can be surprisingly rewarding as well. Here to show you what some of those spots are is new BookThink columnist William Klimon.


From the Editor
Important announcements for BookThinker readers.


Building A Book Web Site
Update: How Did We Do?

Media Editor Catherine Petruccione is here with an update on her website bookstore. You may recall a two-part article she wrote for BookThink last year that detailed her experiences and offered numerous helpful suggestions. Today she's back to give you some results, also to offer a few more suggestions - and I'll let her tell you if it's been a success or not. Or should we let the picture do the talking?

BookThink's Bookseller Profiles
Ashland Book Company

We caught another live one for this month's Bookseller Profile - this time an entire bookselling family headed by Brian and Anita Ashland. Brian and Anita found a nifty solution for home schooling their four girls and making money along the way - none other than bookselling, of course. For those of you who haven't done a profile yet, I strongly suggest that you read the last paragraph in Cathy's article.




Gold Edition #25
How To Become a Full-Time Bookseller
Part III: Starting and Maintaining a Scouting Book
Issue #25 of the Gold Edition is now available for purchase. This is Part III of a three-part series on How to Become a Full-Time Bookseller Purchase now.

50/50 Issue #11
Now Available

Issue #11 of 50/50 is now available for purchase; its focus is "Period Architecture Design and Home Decor Bookselling." Subscribe today here.

BookThink Consulting - Phase I
BookThink's eBay Critique

NEW! Are your eBay auction presentations lacking that certain something? Are you frustrated with listing high quality items again and again and not getting top prices for them? If so, BookThink's new consulting service, eBay Critique, may be the answer. eBay Critique consists of two elements - one, a detailed analysis of your existing eBay auctions identifying specific problem areas; and two, suggestions for improvements. Primary areas of concern include image quality, presentation layout and textual content. Read our FAQ for more details and get started today.



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BookThink Update
20 March 2006>>>

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How To Double Your Book Sales Overnight
The Spots They Are A-Changin- - Again!

I started writing bookselling how-to articles, oh, about 5 or 6 years ago. Based on feedback I've received over time, I know that some of them have had a significant impact on your sales. It's always difficult to predict how much impact any given article will have in advance of publishing it, and it's certainly dangerous to predict that anything will score at all - I've been surprised too often, and not always pleasantly! - but I'm truly hoping that today's article might be one of those that does hit the target, maybe the bulls eye. Read it, give my suggestion a try, and report back when results are in.


Buying and Selling Children's Books
Separating the Wheat From the Chaff at Sales and Thrifts

Children's Books Editor Guusje Moore takes us on a virtual tour of thrifts and garage sales today and shows us how to spot the good stuff - and just as importantly, how to avoid the junk. Once again, there are plenty of important children's books flashpoints to record in your scouting books.


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