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Update Announcements

by Craig Stark

#64, 20 March 2006

I started writing bookselling how-to articles, oh, about 5 or 6 years ago. Based on feedback I've received over time, I know that some of them have had a significant impact on your sales. It's always difficult to predict how much impact any given article will have in advance of publishing it, and it's certainly dangerous to predict that anything will score at all - I've been surprised too often, and not always pleasantly! - but I'm truly hoping that today's article might be one of those that does hit the target, maybe the bulls eye. Read it, give my suggestion a try, and report back when results are in.

Also, Children's Books Editor Guusje Moore takes us on a virtual tour of thrifts and garage sales today and shows us how to spot the good stuff - and just as importantly, how to avoid the junk. Once again, there are plenty of important children's books flashpoints to record in your scouting books.

Some coming attractions at BookThink:

  1. Look for Media Editor Catherine Petruccione's interview with bookseller-friendly author John Dunning soon. Some of you may recall a previous Dunning interview.

    Good news - he's written another book, and you'll get a preview of it in advance of publication.

  2. The Gold Edition series "How to Become a Full-Time Bookseller" continues in early April with an in-depth look at a the largest untapped source of inventory out there. To find out what it is and how to gain access to it, you'll have to subscribe.

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