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The BookThinker Newsletter

ISSN 1547-9501

#51, 5 September 2005

BookThink Update
12 September 2005>>>

Update Announcements

An Interview with Marshall S. Thomas
Author of Soldier of the Legion
Collecting Science Fiction

Something I've noticed about BookThink interviews: often they seem to be most interesting when the author gets off the topic of his (or her) book. Though SF author Marshall S. Thomas does indeed discuss his first book, Soldier of the Legion, in today's interview with Science Fiction Editor Timothy Doyle, he also recounts the process of writing it, a project ultimately completed after some 20 years! As it so often does on the heels of persistence, success finally arrived, and Thomas's experience makes him eminently qualified to offer advice for would-be writers.


BookThink Book Review
Soldier of the Legion
Book One of the Beta 3 Series

Also in this issue, Tim reviews Soldier of the Legion and - good news - reports that 3 sequels are waiting in line to follow it. A purchase link is included at the end of the review for your convenience.

Gold Edition #19
Big Money in Money Books
Part II: Timely Titles

There's big money in money books. Whether the topic is stocks, real estate or something else, this is one of the hottest, most profitable bookselling niches going, and, since many important titles have been recently published, they are relatively easy to find. If you aren't capitalizing on this yet, this is your opportunity to start reaping bookselling dividends. Part II of this BookThink series is available for purchase now.



From the Editor
Important announcements for BookThinker readers.


Taking Bookselling To The Top
Part II: How To Succeed In Bookselling Without Really Trying

I wasn't planning on letting 7 weeks go by before getting to Part II of "How to Succeed in Bookselling without Really Trying," but it's funny how things push other things out of the way. In any case, it's here today, and if you've forgotten what the first installment was about, here's where to go.


BookThink's Best Book Scouting Tips
How To Case Sales

BookThink launches a new monthly column today: BookThink's Best Book Scouting Tips. I'll do my best to keep it going solo (at least until the well runs dry), but I would much prefer to space my contributions out and publish some of your tips as well. Anything related to purchasing inventory will work. If you'd like to contribute, write me at editor@bookthink.com


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BookThink Update
29 August 2005>>>

Update Announcements

Buying and Selling on eBay

It's the rare seller who hasn't tackled eBay at one time or another. Getting all the pieces of a successful auction working at the same time takes coordinated effort. Over the past two years, BookThink has set out to help, scoping out the process of selling and buying-for-selling from different angles, all converging on one point - how to make the most of eBay.


ScoutPal Announcement
The ScoutPal Network

Never satisfied with leaving things as is, ScoutPal's Dave Anderson has had another brainstorm - a ScoutPal network. This freshly launched service could spell a big change in your bookselling life. Details are here.

Special Fantasy & Science Fiction Edition
50/50 Issue #4
Now Available

Issue #4 of 50/50, BookThink’s new market report, is now available for purchase; this is the Special Fantasy & Science Fiction Edition issue. Published every other month, 50/50 lists and annotates in detail 50 books that typically sell for $50 and up online and - here's the best part - includes only those books that surface with some regularity at sales and other viable venues for purchasing inventory. In other words, this is information you can actually use and profit from often. Subscriptions are also available at the annual rate of $20. Payments may be made instantly or by mail. For details, click here.

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