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The BookThinker Newsletter

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#43, 16 May 2005

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Why Some Dictionaries are Valuable, Others Not
And Why Newer Isn't Always Better

In one of BookThink's premium newsletters, 50/50, I try to explain, as much as time and space permits, why the titles I showcase perform as well as they do, but there are times when more depth is necessary. This is certainly the case with dictionaries. Why, for example, would a dictionary published in 1828 be purchased for content? Used daily? By children? Think of the tens of thousands of words it wouldn't contain, the archaic or obsolete meanings, etc. On the surface, it sounds like an educational disaster waiting to happen. And yet, for many home schoolers, it's anything but. Today's feature article explains why.

50/50 Issue #3
Now Available

Issue #3 of 50/50, BookThink’s new market report, is now available for purchase. Published every other month, 50/50 lists and annotates in detail 50 books that typically sell for $50 and up online and - here's the best part - includes only those books that surface with some regularity at sales and other viable venues for purchasing inventory. In other words, this is information you can actually use and profit from often. Subscriptions are also available at the annual rate of $20. Payments may be made instantly or by mail. For details, click here.

From the Editor
Important announcements for BookThinker readers.


Book Cosmetology
Part II: Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser

As a rule, cleaning products and techniques aren't book friendly because the materials used to make books are so vulnerable to damage by acid (a common cleaner component) or techniques that involve some species of mechanical assault. Fortunately, there are exceptions, and today's feature article on book cosmetology showcases an effective cleaning product that behaves something like sandpaper.

BookThink's Bookseller Profiles
Profile of Julia Wilkinson

A good bookselling friend, Julia Wilkinson, appears in BookThink's monthly Bookseller's Profile today. Julia has authored a number of books, and lately she's been devoting more of her time to bookselling as well. You may also recognize Julia as the publisher of a popular newsletter, Yard Salers and eBayers.


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BookThink Update
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BookThink's Author Profiles
Celebrating the Book
An Interview with Nicholas Basbanes

If there were some of you who didn't know John Dunning from Adam before BookThink did a profile on him (and you subsequently devoured each of his books), I predict that the same thing may happen if you haven't read anything by the subject of this week's author profile - Nicholas Basbanes. Basbanes is, in every sense of the word, the book lover's champion. To date, he's published five bestselling books about books, and I haven't met one yet that wasn't delightful, elegantly written, and illuminating. He's recently put a sixth book to bed - Every Book Its Reader: The Power of the Printed Word to Stir the World - and Pamela Palmer caught up with him recently to talk about this and other book matters.

Gold Edition #15
How to Buy Inventory Online
Part III: Miscellaneous eBay Search Techniques and Sniping

Having trouble finding good inventory on scouting trips? Maybe it's time you started shopping at the world's largest bookstore. Selection is unlimited, you can do it in the comfort of your home, and if you know where to look and how to shop, prices are right. Learn the secrets of buying online with BookThink's new Gold Edition series - "How to Buy Inventory Online." Part III, "Miscellaneous eBay Search Techniques and Sniping" is available for purchase now.


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