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The BookThinker Newsletter

ISSN 1547-9501

#31, 15 November 2004

BookThink Update
29 November 2004>>>


Teleportation in Science Fiction
The Fulfillment of Juvenile Desire

No doubt all of us have fantasized now and again about possessing special powers - making ourselves invisible, flying, mind reading. In today's BookThinker, Timothy Doyle explores one of Science Fiction's most dramatic powers - teleportation - and explains its relationship with juvenile wish fulfillment.






Looking Back at Jumper, Forward to Reflex
Steven Gould, and the Return of Davy Rice

Fans of SF author Steven Gould have waited 12 long years for a sequel to his first novel, Jumper, and the moment has finally arrived. Reflex, scheduled to be released next month, resumes the adventures of intrepid teleport, Davy Rice. Click here for Tim Doyle's preview.

BookThink Update
22 November 2004>>>

BookThink's Author Profiles
BookThink begins a new, monthly feature today - and, you're right, up all night thinking up a name for this one - Author Profile. The plan is this: each month we'll take a close look at one or more authors - conduct an interview, review a book, and do a brief market analysis of the author's books in the resale market. Some of these authors will be household names, others well known within their genre, others relatively obscure, but all, we think, will deliver something of interest to you as bookseller, collector or reader.


>>>>>> BookThink News Alert >>>>>>
ScoutPal Partners with Abebooks

If you've used, profited from and, well, loved your ScoutPal doggy until now, get ready to start adoring it because Dave Anderson has recently reached an agreement with Abebooks that will extend its searching reach to territory previously inaccessible to booksellers and all but overcome its limitation of linking only to Amazon, ISBN-era listings. Click here for the complete article.

From the Editor

Why Bookselling Isn't Working for You
Part II: Are You Getting Mixed Up with the Wrong Crowd?

Winning at bookselling is like winning at anything else: there's a method. Steps to follow. If you follow them, you'll win no matter what seems to be working against you. End of story, right? Well, not exactly. Not everybody believes this. Some, maybe most of us, think that there's just too much going on that we don't have control over, that no matter what we do or don't do, there's no escaping the reality of the used book market as it is today - too damn many sellers, too few buyers. Winning, that is, is problematic. And yet, if this is true, how is it that some sellers are making serious money anyway? The answer is here - and so is another baseball story!




BookThink's 50/50
New! A Market Report for Booksellers

Starting January, 2005, BookThink will launch a semi-monthly market report - BookThink's 50/50 - that will list and annotate in detail 50 books per issue that typically sell for more than $50 online and - here's the best part - will include only those books that will surface at sales and other venues with some regularity. In other words, this is information you can use and profit from often. Uncommon books will simply not be included. Subscribe now, and receive a 25% discount on the annual subscription rate. More details here.

BookThink's Gold Edition
Banking Big Money on Banned Books

Banned, censored and otherwise suppressed books comprise one of the most profitable bookselling niches we know. In order to spot the winners, however, it's important to understand why they are winners - namely, to have a working knowledge of the underlying principles that make them so desirable to collectors. This issue of the Gold Edition explains this and more, providing you also with valuable lists of publishers, authors and titles to look for. Purchase this issue today or subscribe to BookThink's Gold Edition for monthly insider information for booksellers. Click here for details.


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BookThink Update
8 November 2004>>>

Update Announcements


Why Bookselling Isn't Working for You
Part I: Are You Hungry?

Today's BookThinker Update introduces a new series of articles that takes a fresh look at bookselling fundamentals, but please note that this series isn't addressed exclusively at beginners. Or even primarily. If you've been around the block once or twice and are struggling now, you might want to drop in, look at some of the changes in the marketplace that have taken place recently - and what you might do about them to get your business back in its best bookselling shape.

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BookThink's Gold Edition Premium
Golden Guides
Big Profits in Little Packages

If you’ve been passing up Golden Guides at sales, you might be interested to know that they’ve become very collectible in recent years. For a detailed analysis of this often ignored niche, a complete list of titles, and – most important of all – a list of the specific titles that will bring you the biggest profits, purchase this issue today or subscribe to BookThink's Gold Edition for monthly insider information for booksellers. Click here for complete information.


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