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#20, 7 June 2004

BookThinker Update
14 June 2004>>>

Book Buying for the Blind
The Evidence of Things Not Seen

Arrived at any book sales late lately? Instead of stomping out empty-handed, it might be instructive stay a few minutes and, paradoxically, learn something about the books that have already been sold Ė thatís right, the ones you canít see because they arenít there. Canít be done? Well, a trip to Indostan for an elephant ride might change your mind.





From the Editor

Immortal Encyclopædia?
The Remarkable, Lasting Force of Britannica's 11th

It's no secret that some of the best stuff we come across as booksellers, book collectors or readers isn't always the most timely. Some things last and last, and when we "discover" a vintage title that impacts us in shaking, foundational ways, it's a special joy. Typically, my first thought is, "If this book has been around forever, why the hell didn't anybody ever tell me about it?" The very best fiction can do this. Poetry. Philosophy. However, what isn't widely acknowledged is that sometimes long out-of-print reference works, which we think of as perishable, also rock, and rock on, and on. Today's BookThinker looks at several of these.

BookThink's Premium Content
What's Hot and What's Not in Encyclopedias

As a frequent reader of book forums, I've noticed that encyclopedias often appear, along with microwave cookbooks, on lists of things to avoid purchasing for resale - unless, perhaps, they are still in shrink wrap and at least warm to the touch off the press. In bookselling, however, it seems that no matter what book or grouping of books is tagged with the loser label, there are inevitably exceptions. I frankly don't know if near-legendary, quirky microwave oven inventor Percy L. Spencer ever signed a microwave cookbook, but if he did, you and I know that it has significant value. To scientists and inventors, that is. Not cooks. Encyclopedias, as a group, are populated with far more exceptions than our treasured m.c.'s, so many, in fact, that they frequently reward savvy booksellers with profits in three figures. Today's Premium Content gets specific on what to look for. NOTE: Gold Edition replaced regular Premium Content on August 2, 2004. Learn how to subscribe.

Plus a new review on Bookshelf

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BookThinker Update
31 May 2004>>>

Winning and Losing at Bookselling
The Importance of Stepping Up to the Plate

Some of the greatest moments in sports have been fueled not by the desire to win but by the refusal to lose. If you're having trouble winning at bookselling, it may be time to stop trying to win. Refuse to lose, and home runs may follow.



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Slumming It In Bookland
Slumlord Profits on Time-Life Books

Time-Life Books, the bookselling equivalent of Reader's Digest Condensed Books? Not quite. $100's if not $1,000's of dollars in profits await the bookseller who knows which sets to buy and which to leave alone. We'll show you what's hot, what's warm, and what's not in BookThink's Premium Content. NOTE: Gold Edition replaced regular Premium Content on August 2, 2004. Learn how to subscribe.

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