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The BookThinker Newsletter
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#19, 24 May 2004

BookThinker Update
31 May 2004>>>

Winning and Losing at Bookselling
The Importance of Stepping Up to the Plate

Some of the greatest moments in sports have been fueled not by the desire to win but by the refusal to lose. If you're having trouble winning at bookselling, it may be time to stop trying to win. Refuse to lose, and home runs may follow.



From the Editor
A look at next month's features and a thank-you from the editor.

How to Photograph Books
IV: Image Editing

The final installment in a series of articles about photographing books appears in today's issue. It may be the most important. Lots of us know how to take adequate photographs of books, but many sellers don't know how (or aren't willing) to close this out - that is, camera images aren't edited into something special. More than ever, booksellers need to maintain a competitive edge to succeed, and producing quality images of products helps this along considerably.

Slumming It In Bookland
Slumlord Profits on Time-Life Books

Time-Life Books, the bookselling equivalent of Reader's Digest Condensed Books? Not quite. $100's if not $1,000's of dollars in profits await the bookseller who knows which sets to buy and which to leave alone. We'll show you what's hot, what's warm, and what's not in BookThink's Premium Content. NOTE: Gold Edition replaced regular Premium Content on August 2, 2004. Learn how to subscribe.

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BookThinker Update
17 May 2004>>>

Hydra and the Second Labor of Hercules
The Importance of Timing in Bookselling

Books that were scarce a few years ago are now uncommon; books that were uncommon are now common; and books that were common are now selling on Amazon Marketplace for one red cent. If you think this trend is nearly over or even slowing down, think again. If you think certain classes of books are immune to this downward pressure, think at least twice again. There's trouble ahead for the bookseller who doesn't know what to sell and when to sell it. More details in today's BookThinker Update.



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How to Identify Hot Niche Markets
The Holy Grail of Bookselling?

More than ever, success at bookselling will depend on your ability to raise your bookselling IQ - to become book-smart. If you aren't sure how to proceed, I urge you to read BookThinker's Premium Content in today's email newsletter. All BookThinker newsletters attempt to meet the need for pertinent knowledge, but this issue is particularly important because it details a simple, proven method for raising your bookselling IQ to a level that will almost guarantee success. NOTE: Gold Edition replaced regular Premium Content on August 2, 2004. Learn how to subscribe.

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