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#96, 4 June 2007

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A Guide to Selling Anthologies
Part I: The Best of Tomes,
the Worst of Tomes

Michele Behan, BookThink's new Ephemera Editor, contributes Part I of two-part article on selling anthologies. Today's focus is on 19th century collected authors and associated collectible topics. If you know your flashpoints and include them in auction titles and descriptions, these otherwise low-dollar books can soar to significant final values.

How to Start a Clicks-And-Bricks
Used Bookstore: An A to Z Guide
Writing a Used Bookstore Business Plan
Part II: Sample Business Plan
(Sections 1-3)

Contributing Editor Jill Hendrix is back this week with some serious nuts and bolts - the first part of her sample business plan for opening a bricks-and-clicks shop bookstore. Detail, I must say, is impressive. A new BookThink forum, moderated by Jill, has been installed for discussion of open shop bookstores at BookThink's Open Shop Bookstores Forum.




From the Editor
Important announcements for BookThinker readers.

How to Start a Clicks-and-Bricks
Used Bookstore: An A to Z Guide
Writing a Used Bookstore Business Plan
Part I: Your Store Concept

Has the Internet doomed the traditional open shop used bookstore? Jill Hendrix, owner of Greenville, South Carolina's Fiction Addiction, would answer, "Absolutely not." She opened her clicks-and-bricks bookstore on May 7, 2001, fully six years ago and reached profitability only a year and half later - and hasn't looked back since. Jill has agreed to write a series of articles for BookThink over the coming months that will detail exactly how, based on her successful experience, she would open that same bookstore if she was doing it today. In Part I she discusses the store concept.

The Adventures of a Clueless Bookseller
What Was I Thinking?

Beginning bookseller Brenna Hopkins is back from Beginnersville - and she's spent some real money on inventory! She's also begun her bookselling education in earnest with some serious book scouting. I'm counting on you guys to keep Brenna headed down the path to success. By the way, starting today until further notice, a free BookThink T-shirt will go out every month to the subscriber who offers her the best piece of advice.



Gold Edition #39
How To Specialize in Bookselling
Part I: Why Specialize
Issue #39 of the Gold Edition - Part I of the new series, How to Specialize in Bookselling, is now available for purchase. Purchase now.

BookThink's Quarterly Market Report of Common, Profitable Books
Issue #1
Issue #1 of BookThink's Quarterly Market Report of Common, Profitable Books is now available for purchase. Purchase or subscribe now.


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28 May 2007>>>

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UK Bookselling
The Magic Light of Success
Shines on Julian H. Lewis

Identifying potentially profitable books in advance of (or shortly following) their release can be a risky game, and Claire realizes that nobody can always get this right, let alone predict the next Harry Potter. Nevertheless, it'll be fun keeping score in the coming months, and we at BookThink wish her and you the best of luck - continuing this week with her second recommended title, Julian H. Lewis's The Magic Lantern of Kimbustan. Read why Claire chose this book in her article "UK Bookselling: The Magic Light of Success Shines on Julian H. Lewis."



UK Bookselling
Interview with Julian H. Lewis

See Claire Main's exclusive interview with The Magic Lantern of Kimbustan author Julian H. Lewis.

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