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All In The Name
Authors' Names and Signatures

Summer is booksellers' quiet time - but that's only an illusion. Despite slower sales, there's plenty you can do now that will pay off later. Take an author's identity and signature for example. Who is he? Is this really her handwriting? Does it affect value? There's more to the topic than meets an uninitiated eye. And BookThinker articles can help you hone the salient skills. More details here.

First Editions
A Primer

Few topics challenge booksellers and collectors more than first editions. BookThink is ready to help with articles for every stage in the learning process. Some articles are designed to help beginners grasp the basics; others move on to in-depth looks at the essentials; and still others are geared to honing expert skills on the finer points. If you are ready to make first edition know-how part of your selling and buying repertoire, here's where to start.

Our new BookTopics series continues today with book photography. Photographs can make a huge difference in your sales, and if you haven't upgraded your photographic techniques yet, what better time than the present?
As the bookselling market changes, BookThink editor Craig Stark looks at how to adapt and take control of your business. In a series of articles, he covers takes a practical look at what sellers can do now. Feeling intimidated by all the change? This series gives you a method to get back on track.
BookThink's Authors Profiles and related book reviews with market reports are collected in this, the latest BookTopic
Put editor Craig Stark's flashpoints approach to work increasing your bottom line. This series of articles is a flashpoint how-to guide, from introduction to technique to success.
There's lots of reference stuff out there, some good, some bad, and everything in between. If you're not sure what's worth buying, we'll make some suggestions.
Getting all the pieces of a successful auction working at the same time takes coordinated effort. BookThink sets out to help, scoping out the process of selling and buying-for-selling from different angles, all converging on one point - how to make the most of eBay.