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What is Premium Content? At BookThink we strive to make all of our content as valuable as we can, but from time to time we will try to take things to an even higher level. Premium Content is, essentially, inside dope, the kind of information that can directly and sometimes immediately increase your profits.

Can you give me some examples of Premium Content? There will be several areas of focus here. One, niche markets. Collector interest is sometimes fickle, and what might be a hot book topic one month may be cold the next. Even if interest is consistent, there may be niche markets you're not aware of. We'll look at both kinds. Two, lists of flashpoints. Nothing else, in our opinion, can help you spot valuable books with a better rate of success than a strong knowledge of flashpoints. Topical lists of flashpoints will appear regularly in Premium Content. Three, tips. These will take the form of timely and focused advice on how to grow your bookselling business.

How much does it cost? Until further notice, nothing.

How do I get it? Premium Content will appear only in the BookThinker email newsletter, not on the website. At a later date it may be archived on a dedicated web page with password access only. To begin receiving Premium Content you need only subscribe to the BookThinker email newsletter. Subscriptions are free. Simply type your email address in the subscription box of any BookThink page and you'll begin receiving the BookThinker and Premium Content beginning with the next issue. If you're already a subscriber, you will automatically begin receiving Premium Content beginning March 15.


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