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What exactly is a premium newsletter?

At BookThink we work hard to make our free twice monthly newsletter, The BookThinker, as valuable as we can, but if you are a serious bookseller looking for profit-generating information that often takes years of hard-won experience to acquire on your own, we also offer two premium resources - BookThink's Gold Edition and BookThink's Author Reports.

The Gold Edition is presently being issued in the format of a book - specifically, a comprehensive guide to online bookselling. Each month we issue a new chapter in .pdf format, and we anticipate completion of all chapters and appendices by Fall 2011. When completed, the guide will also be available in print format. Our approach has been to assess where bookselling is today and present a set of working methods and the essential knowledge associated with them that, if applied, will enable booksellers to succeed in the coming years - especially beginning booksellers and intermediate booksellers who have seen their businesses decline. We believe that this is the time to take on this project because, as commodity bookselling heads south, commodity booksellers will soon be faced with two choices - get out of the business or move in a different direction. This, then, is a guide to moving in a different direction. Call this direction antiquarian bookselling if you like, but those of you who have been following our series, "Bookselling in the 21st Century," will agree that there's substantially more to it than this. For more information about what's covered in this guide, click here. Please note that Gold Edition back issues published prior to the online bookselling guide will remain available for purchase in discounted packages or individually.

BookThink's Author Reports focus on those authors who present the most ready opportunities for profit today - in other words, authors whose books are commonly encountered and have good resale potential. These guides will include pertinent biographical information, the author's complete bibliography along with first edition issue points, a discussion of value ranges (including signed copies), marketing suggestions and more.

Two additional newsletters - BookThink's 50/50 and Quarterly Market Report of Common, Profitable Books (or QMR) - are no longer being published but remain available for purchase in discounted packages or individually. QMR lists and annotates in detail 100 books per issue that typically sell for $30 and up online and includes only those books that surface with some regularity at sales and other viable venues for purchasing inventory. In other words, this is information you can actually use and profit significantly from often. To date, we have received 100s of thank you emails from subscribers who had been passing many common, high-dollar books by at sales for years until they saw them profiled in QMR. BookThink's 50/50 differs from QMR only in one respect: 50/50 lists and annotates 25 books per issue.

What are flashpoints?

"Flashpoint" is a term coined by BookThink co-founder Craig Stark to describe readily spotted book features that point to significant resale value - a very useful concept for scouting. Click here for a more detailed discussion.

How often are premium newsletters published?

BookThink's Gold Edition and Author Reports are published monthly. Both are delivered via email in .pdf format.

May I subscribe to these newsletters?

Yes, both newsletters may be subscribed to. Presently, BookThink's Gold Edition (Guide to Online Bookselling) is available for purchase either as the complete guide or as individual issues. If you purchase the complete guide, you will receive monthly chapters until late 2011, the projected completion date. BookThink's Author Guides may be subscribed to annually or purchased as individual issues.

When I purchase premium issues, how do I access them?

All current and back issues will be delivered to you as email attachments.

Do you offer quantity discounts on back issues?

Yes, in addition to the various packages we offer, we will discount most quantity orders. Contact Editor Craig Stark at for more information.

What forms of payment do you accept?

BookThink accepts instant payment by PayPal, checks issued from any US banks, and domestic money orders. Checks and money orders should be made payable to BookThink LLC and mailed to the following address:

BookThink LLC P.O. Box 600 Apopka, Florida 32704 USA

IMPORTANT: No matter which form of payment you choose, please include the email address you would like the newsletter to be delivered to. If an alternate email address isn't specified in your PayPal payment, it will be delivered to the email address associated with your PayPal account.

May I share the information in your newsletters with others?

In one emphatic word, no. This information is for your personal use period. We try to be generous to a fault at BookThink, offer as much help as possible in our free newsletter, our forum, and through email exchange, but, in the interest of protecting our paid subscribers, this is where we draw the line. By making a purchase of one or more back issues, you agree to follow the terms of the BookThink Subscriber Agreement. Click here to read it.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Absolutely. We stand behind our products 100%. If you purchase any of our individual issues and are dissatisfied for any reason, notify us and we will immediately issue a full refund - no questions asked. This guarantee does not extend to complete back issues packages. Please purchase one or more individual issues before committing to a package purchase. If you later decide to purchase a package, we will credit these purchases towards the package price.


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