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Buying and Selling on eBay

by Pamela Palmer

#50, 29 August 2005

EBay is arguably the best-known bookselling venue and it's the rare seller who hasn't tackled it at one time or another. Getting all the pieces of a successful auction working at the same time takes coordinated effort. Over the past two years, BookThink has set out to help, scoping out the process of selling and buying-for-selling from different angles, all converging on one point - how to make the most of eBay. Here's what we suggest-

Hard Times Ahead for eBay Sellers?
EBay's book category was in turmoil in 2004 when the popular browse feature took second place to new search approaches. Every change brought cries of doom. But BookThink stayed the course. Looking back shows the wisdom of rolling with future changes.


Making a Stand
How To Beat the eBay System

Editor Craig Stark counts the ways booksellers can get the edge with eBay. Get a grasp of possibilities with this article because there's more than one way to win.

New Strategies for Selling Books on eBay
Part I: Getting Your Price, Keeping Your Fees Down
When eBay fees rise and competition heats up, it's time to restructure your thinking about price vs. fee. As Craig explains, "Rethinking your tactics then changing your approach might be your ticket to winning."


New Strategies for Selling Books on eBay
Part II: A Field Guide to the EBayable Book

For some titles, eBay is the hottest thing around. But how do you know? Find out what makes a book eBayable - or not - here.


New Strategies for Selling Books on eBay
Part III: Book Lots

Birds of a feather is a good approach to building high value book lots. Knowing how to group and market them makes all the different in final price. This article takes a practical look at how to make it happen.


How to Build An Effective eBay Presentation
Part I: What Your Buyer Wants to Know from You
Photographic Content

Visuals have never been more important to success on eBay. Learn how to create photographs that attract the right kinds of buyer. Illustrations how the how-to and how-not-to of effective auction photography.


How To Build An Effective eBay Presentation
Part II: What Your Buyer Wants To Know From You
Textual Content

Strong photography isn't enough to carry an auction. Go the next step with carefully honed text, geared to the book's strengths. Learn what to scan in and how to present it, as well as five major tools to rev up a bookseller's bottom line.

How To Build An Effective eBay Presentation
Part III: Bibliographic Data, Condition Description and Terms of Sale

Fine points add polish to an auction, assuring buyers they are dealing with a knowledgeable seller. Enhance your professionalism by taking care of the details.


EBay Stores Revisited
Part I: Whoa, Is This Thing Really Working?
Textual Content

Could it be working? Editor Craig Stark takes a fresh look at eBay Stores and tallies his own experience.

In addition to the articles above, three premium content Gold Edition issues focus on eBay. These are available for purchase by clicking the links.

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