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In a lecture delivered several years ago ("Spermo-Gnostics and the O.T.O."), occult scholar P.R. Koenig explains the concept in (be warned) less than PG detail. Some of this is fairly esoteric, but there's enough everyday language here to drive things home:

After Reuss' death in 1923, Crowley made an entreprise out of the O.T.O.'s secret. There is a surviving plan to promote the "Elixir of Life" (under the name "Amrita," the Magical Medicine) and to heal patients according to O.T.O. methods, that is: to heal them with yoga and sexual fluids. Crowley used the Ordo Templi Orientis (as he used other real or ghostly orders) as a play, a publishing house and found it a suitable instrument to extract the "gold" (be it alchemistical or sexual) from the pockets of his followers. To that purpose he pretended never having had sex out of sheer lust. It always should have been a "duty," a "prayer to God" (Aiwaz, Baphomet or Sheitan - there are many more disguises); in consequence a prayer to himself whom he identified with an erected penis.

Crowley's VII [degree] is a treatise about the creative organ's divinity, and from his "Book of Lies" one can infer that the vital fluid is a vehicle of immortality. The Matter is the original primitive material substance semi-spiritual, immortal and containing in itself the archetypes of all form and possessing the double potency of attracting to itself individual spirits and also particles of gross Matter to form their temporary envelope on this plane (the gnostic Rotten Place).

Crowley's VIIIth degree unveiled to the "pupil" that masturbating on a sigil of a demon or meditating upon the image of a phallus would bring power or communication with a (or one's own) divine being/Super Ego. The IXth degree labeled heterosexual intercourse where the sexual secrets were sucked out of the vagina and when not consumed (when considered holy) put on a sigil to attract this or that demon to fullfill the pertinent wish/order. In his "Emblems and Mode of Use" Crowley describes the method of how to smear sperm on a talisman/sigil in order to attract, for example, money. This paper is so secret that, at one time, its possession was equal with having the IXth degree O.T.O. There was no other proof until only recently: now one possibly needs to go through an examination test to prove "possession/knowledge" of the IXth degree O.T.O.

Crowley played around with different sexmagickal methods. One of the O.T.O.'s secrets is the adoration of the idol Baphomet of the old Templars. While the German splinter-group, the misogynist Fraternitas Saturni definitely tried (and still tries) to incarnate Baphomet in flesh, in the O.T.O.-groups (that emerged after Crowley's death in 1947) the subject is not that clear although incorporated in the Xth degree. Crowley advised selection of a female partner. The magician and his mate "copulate continuously" until impregnation results: a homunculus. Maybe the ability of the Xth to create a homunculus was realised on the physical level in their privilege of electing their OHO.

In the XIth degree, the mostly homosexual degree, one identifies oneself with an ejaculating penis. The blood (or excrements) from anal intercourse attract the spirits/demons while the sperm keeps them alive. On 31 March 1946 Crowley noted down a dream in his diary: "A most frightful semi-dream (between two normal motions) of giving birth to a fetus per anum. It was a mass of blood & slime. The nastiest Qliphotic experience I can remember!"

Crowley saw no use in the vaginal fluids nor did he think that women are divine; therefore he could not imagine lesbian sexmagick. He believed that "man is the guardian of the Life of God; woman but a temporary expedient; a shrine indeed for the God, but not the God." Women exist for the use of men. His ideal female: "robust, vigorous, eager, sensible, hot and healthy." That is to say, his interest was in the woman's body and he wanted no spiritual or intellectual participation from her.

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