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Book Collecting Byways

Show and Tell Time

by Craig Stark

#165 15 April 2013

If you're a book collector like me, I'm guessing you do at least some collecting outside the box - that is, occasionally you acquire something that isn't a book but is book related, and it becomes a valued part of your collection. Today I thought I'd do some show and tell, that is, share a few items I've acquired over the years.

You may recognize this:

This is an early Funk & Wagnalls dictionary stand that could be purchased with their unabridged dictionary for a modest price. Naturally I have replaced the dictionary with the far more authoritative Webster's Second New International Dictionary!

Along these same lines, here is an early-century cabinet issued with a set of the renowned 11th Edition of the Encylopædia Britannica:

Original finish!

This is something that's difficult to do justice with unless you're standing in front of it, but it's one of my favorites. Here is a photo from several feet:

And a closer one:

It's a 10" x 12" colored aquatint published June 1, 1814 at 101 Stand, London, for R. Ackermann's History of Cambridge.

This guy is a pretty recent acquisition, and a welcome addition to the grounds just outside my book cottage:

And finally, just in case you think I'm a one-trick pony, I occasionally pick up something different:

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