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PicClick Tips Straight from the Developer's Mouth

Cut Your Inventory Searches by 90%

by Ryan Sit

#136, 10 August 2009

[EDITOR'S NOTE: In this guest article, Ryan Sit shares his secrets on how to visually find eBay items 10x faster using PicClick. Ryan is the founder of PicClick, and created PicClick out of his own frustration with's slow and inefficient website.]

"Just show me all the pictures!" That is what was screaming inside my head when I was looking for an old childhood Snoopy cup. At I could only see 6 results at a time and had to do a bunch of scrolling, plus over the years eBay has just become too cluttered. I just wanted my own simple, clean, and fast way to browse eBay, and that is why I created PicClick, so I could see all the snoopy cups on 1 page. For BookThink readers, here is the collectible books section on PicClick:

PicClick has everything has, Craig has even found things on PicClick that he could not bring up in eBay Search. Plus you have all your normal handy things like filtering and sorting. All the important item information is also included below the thumbnail in a compact format:

RSS feeds - This a bit techie, but RSS feeds are a huge time saver. PicClick creates RSS feeds for any query or filter. This is great for keeping track of specific things you want to check daily. In most new web browsers you can click the RSS button in the toolbar to see the RSS feed. Then you can grab that feed and subscribe to it using an RSS reader or using your email program. If you don't know what RSS is, don't worry about it, but if you do you'll know how this can be a huge time saver.

Finally here are some Top sections on PicClick to help you get started:

Antiquarian & Collectible Books
Used Cars for sale
Clothes, Shoes and Accessories
Pottery and Glass

***Exclusive announcement to BookThink readers, starting today picture quality is improved the 30%. So now when you zoom in pictures look even sharper!

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