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BookThink T-Shirt Special and Contest
Buy 2, Get 1 Free

by Michele Behan

#108, 26 November 2007

On this tail end of the Thanksgiving weekend, it's only appropriate to thank our readers for the support you've given BookThink through the years. We launched our first issue in September of 2003 with the intent to provide extensive, authoritative resources on all matters related to books, bookselling and book collecting.

Since that time, our loyal readers - that means you! - have been largely responsible for BookThink becoming the #1 ranked resource for book dealers, book collectors and book readers.

In appreciation, since we didn't have turkeys to give away, we thought, "Why not t-shirts?"

So, from now until December 16th, BookThink will be running a Buy 2, Get 1 Free T-Shirt Offer. For every two BookThink t-shirts ordered, we'll throw in one T-shirt of equal or less value absolutely free. All three t-shirts must be mailed to the same address, but sizes and colors may vary. With Christmas coming, this is a great time to get a couple of cool gifts and give a gift to yourself at the same time.

And, speaking of Christmas, BookThink is running a Santa Photo Contest! The prize? None other than a BookThink T-shirt, of course!

Just email a JPEG photo of a child's funny/scary/humorous encounter with Santa Claus, and we'll post the best ones here. The subject of the photo must be identified by name and must be either yourself as a child or a child that you know personally for whom you have permission to post a photo.

We're not looking for cute photos, but for those truly outrageous Santa photos - you know, the ones that humiliate you years later when your parents trot them out. Last date to send entries will be December 16th and judging will be announced on December 23rd. The winner will receive a complimentary BookThink T-shirt in their choice of size and color.

To start the ball rolling, I have agreed to embarrass myself with this photo taken when I was 23 months old and Santa Claus was the scariest thing I'd ever seen! I'll spare you my bloodcurdling screams ...

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