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Editor in Chief

Craig Stark is a veteran bookseller, collector and writer. Besides publishing fiction and news features, he has produced newsletters, authored numerous how-to articles on many book-related topics, and is currently working on a master guide for online booksellers. Email him at editor@bookthink.com. Find a list of his recent articles on BookThink.

Associate Editor

Pamela Palmer is a writer, bookseller, and former reference librarian. She publishes in magazines and journals, is bibliographer of the International Hopkins Association, reviews for Choice, and co-authored An Index to the Critical Vocabulary of Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, 1830-1840. A retired associate professor of libraries, she holds master's degrees in English and library science, as well as a doctorate in higher education (interdisciplinary). Email her at Pamela@bookthink.com. Find a list of her recent articles on BookThink.

Science Fiction Editor

Timothy Doyle has been reading and collecting science fiction and fantasy since 1968, and selling books online as Bayside Books of Maryland beginning in 2000. He has been a contributor at BookThink from its beginning, and introduced the monthly Collecting Science Fiction column in November, 2003. Online inventory ranges from 19th century history and biography to modern fiction first editions, and is available at at www.abebooks.com/home/BAYSIDEBOOKSMD. Email him at Baysidebooksmd@hotmail.com. Find a list of his recent articles on BookThink.

Media Editor

Catherine Petruccione works in Career Services at a community college in Upstate New York. A lifelong reader and book collector, she is in her sixth year of selling books on-line at OldScrolls.com and other on-line venues, and out of Old Scrolls Book Shop in Stanley, New York. E-mail her at oldscrolls@att.net. Find a list of her recent articles on BookThink.

Children's Books Editor

Guusje Moore is an elementary school librarian with 30 years of experience in the field. She has been an avid reader of children's literature since she first learned to read and has put her extensive knowledge of the genre to good use as a part-time eBay and Amazon bookseller specializing in children's books, cookbooks and history. Email her at guusje@mindspring.com. Visit her blog at http://guusjem.blogspot.com/. Find a list of her recent articles on BookThink.

Book Review Editor

Genevieve Kazdin, as Dunes Studio, began selling books online in a variety of venues in 1999. It was the logical next step for a life involved with books and words from the beginning. From working in the library, working in a bookstore, and being a working writer for many years, Gen was somehow connected to books. Although Dunes Studio's own website is not finished, some of her books may be visited at Dunes Studio at eBay and found via search at IOBABooks - Bookstore information for Dunes Studio She may be reached by email at genk@aol.com.

News Editor

Karin Bergsagel is currently the librarian at a Montessori school - an excellent setting for the pursuit of lifelong learning. Reading & writing are a passion; she thinks that she may have been born with a book in one hand and a pen in the other. A native of Canada, she has lived in England and Switzerland and now resides in Virginia.

Contributing Editor

Steve Weber is a full-time online bookseller and writer. He has operated an online used-book business since 2001 from his home in Northern Virginia, specializing in niche nonfiction. In 2005, he wrote a bookselling how-to guide, The Home-Based Bookstore and began publishing a blog on the topic of online bookselling, "Selling Books." E-mail him at steve_weber@yahoo.com and visit his blog at http://www.weberbooks.com/selling/selling.htm. Find a list of his recent articles on BookThink.

Contributing Editor

Claire Main is Managing Director of Doodled Books, Ltd., a UK-based bookstore specializing in modern first editions signed and doodled by authors. She is also a Random House book reviewer and a Secondary School Graphics Teacher with a degree in Television Production Design and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. Visit her website at Doodled Books. Email her at doodledbooks@hotmail.co.uk. Find a list of her recent articles on BookThink.



Contributing Editor

Jill Hendrix is the owner of Fiction Addiction, a clicks-and-mortar used bookstore she founded in Greenville, SC in 2001. Prior to opening Fiction Addiction she graduated magna cum laude from Yale University, worked briefly in the Editorial Department of St. Martin's Press, and then fell in love with the idea of owning her own business while working for a series of Internet startups in New York. Email her at fictionaddiction@juno.com or visit her website at http://www.fiction-addiction.com.


Facebook Editor

Kristian Strom has been a professional bookseller since 2001 and an amateur golfer since birth. He can be found somewhere near Andover, Kansas, scouring the Midwest for unusual books. You can read about his travels and book finds at his blog, or view his inventory. He has formed successful partnerships with several brick-and-mortar bookstores and libraries in the area, and is interested in helping new booksellers develop their knowledge of Flashpoints and $50 books. Join him in his search for rare books at the “BookThink” group on Facebook.


Ephemera Editor

Michele Behan is a freelance writer, book collector and online seller of books and vintage paper, including ephemera, postcards and photographs. She graduated cum laude from St. Louis University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, majoring in marketing. Two of her three children were born in Berlin, Germany while living abroad with her military husband. Writing has always been Michele's passion. She and her family now reside in Maryland, near the Chesapeake Bay. Find a list of her recent articles on BookThink.


BookLinks Editor

Judy Lanskey is an avid reader and collector who evolved into an online bookseller in 2005, when she started Legendary Books. She has a special interest in vintage children's books and Arthurian legends. She lives in Madison, NJ and has two young teen-age boys who love to help in the business. You can email her at lolajy@aol.com or visit her eBay store, Legendary Books.


Empirical Bookman

Jaime Frontero is an unpublished novelist who grew up in New York City amid the remnants of the old Book Row - one block from the storied Biblo and Tannen bookstore. He turned his first profit on a book sold to Mr. Tannen at age nine, in 1960. His father was an artist and his early life was spent among the bi-coastal beat crowd. He claims to have been raised as the male analog of suzuki beane. He has held various positions - both in and out of the book field - and has owned three bookstores. He currently resides in Minnesota with a daughter, a cat, several computers, his books, and a mannequin which goes by the name of Audrey. Find a list of his recent articles on BookThink.


Contributing Editor

An English major who graduated from Santa Clara University, Chris Lowenstein is a former English teacher who fell in love with antiquarian books after a lifetime of being unaware of their existence. In 2007, she opened Book Hunter's Holiday, an antiquarian book business specializing in Western Americana and books by Dante Alighieri as well as general antiquarian books. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, her sons, ages 10 and 12, and her dog, Molly. You can visit her online shop or read her blog, where she chronicles her bookselling experiences. Email her at chris@bookhuntersholiday.com.


Professor Booknoodle

Professor Booknoodle is an autodidactic book dealer from the early 20th century who has found that he has been inexplicably transplanted to the 21st century. The Professor has adjusted nicely. He still pursues bookselling as an avocation, and sells the occasional item. The Professor has noticed a change in the complexity of shipping. But his biggest perplexity is, in his own words, "How the deuce did I get shipped to the future?" Professor Booknoodle is the online avatar of John DeForest, one half of the bookselling team that makes up Brothertown Books. Email him at brothertownbooks@brothertownbooks.com. Visit his eBay shop at http://stores.ebay.com/Brothertown-Books.


Contributing Editor

Kara McLaughlin Mestre runs in some circles as ‘full-time bookseller’ but secretly answers to Jr. Book Detective or Goddess of Things Paper. Armed with a fierce capacity to Google and a strong dose of perpetual optimism, she fearlessly seeks and often successfully finds the answers to burning questions of the entrepreneurial, literary and mundane. Her past inclinations to merrymaking and song give rise to impromptu singing in the stacks. Little Sages Books, where antiquarian or just plain old-and-unusual goodies tend to perch, became a reality in 2007 and continues to delight. This native Floridian can be reached via email at kara@littlesages.com: or stop by her website.

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