Special Announcements

by Craig Stark

24 January 2016

By Craig Stark

Today's newsletter isn't a newsletter as such but a sort of addendum to last week's newsletter - namely, some feedback from it. I've put together five representative opinions in the following article, which I think you might find interesting. If you don't know what a bookjacker is, you'll soon find out.

Also, a reminder. BookThink's Kitchen Sink sale will end with the publication of next week's newsletter. The Kitchen Sink, otherwise known as everything, includes subscriptions to BookThink's Guide to Online Bookselling and BookThink's Author Reports (including the Grosset & Dunlap reports) along with all complete report packages - all Gold Editions, all 50/50's and all Quarterly Market Reports - and any revisions/updates to these reports as they are completed. The subscriptions include all current chapters and reports and additional chapters and reports as they are issued. This is a ton of bookselling content that, if applied, will pay for itself quickly and generate income for years to come. What has been offered at $179.99 for many months now will be slashed to $129.99 - a $50 savings. Click here to purchase it, and everything will be emailed to you as attachments within 24 hours.

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