Nine Years of BookThink

by Craig Stark

11 October 2012

So, What's Next?

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BookThink launched on September 1, 2003. If you're counting, that's nine years, and nine years is a long time in these here cyber-parts. At a rate of three or four newsletters a month, each containing two to three articles, I guess we're looking at over 1,000 articles total now, not to mention many dozens of monetized reports and who knows how many forum posts. In any case, whew, it represents a ton of work.

I have always loved books. I have always loved writing. Writing about books, therefore, has been doubly enjoyable for me. Add to this the thousands of booksellers I've met over the years, not a few of which have become good friends, and I can say without hesitation that for me BookThink has been a great ride.

So, what's next?

As some of you know, this has been a difficult summer - well, for that matter, a difficult year. My longtime Associate Editor (and web developer) Pamela Palmer was forced to end most of her participation with BookThink early this year due to health reasons, and frankly, taking on her share of the work load wasn't something I had ever anticipated doing. Nor, once I did, has it always been easy to find time for it.

Worse, the website was hacked this spring, and I had the unpleasant privilege of discovering that our web host's customer service had transmogrified from one of the best in the business when we first signed on to one that they now proudly assert is "World Class." What "World Class" means, of course, is that they have kicked it halfway around the world, to India, namely, and while I'm sure that Indians are great people, none of the ones I talked to (at least the ones I could understand) knew how to address our issues, let alone resolve them, though they were quite adept at delaying action and reading scripts. When, weeks later, the so-called "Operations Team" announced that they had "restored" the site, it was anything but restored. Consequently, we were forced to change hosts and rebuild the website, with additional delays ensuing.

If there was a bright spot, it was an extensive cruise to Iceland, the Outer Hebrides and parts east. There wasn't anyplace to work on my tan, of course, but the sound of waves alone did have a restorative effect.

Anyway, I'm ready to kick this thing into gear again. Since this has been a long break, I do have a favor to ask. If you have any feedback, ideas, suggestions, etc., regarding BookThink moving forward (and have a few moments to email me), I would love to hear from you:

Thanks as always for your support!

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