Special Announcements

by Craig Stark

24 April 2012

I may not make you any money this week, but I hope to give you some hope for the future of the print-format book. There are many reasons, I believe, why print books will be collected for years to come, but one fundamental reason became clear to me after reading a Heritage Press edition of W. Somerset Maugham's The Moon and Sixpence. Believe it or not, it has to do with the actual experience of reading the book. Imagine that. Sometimes the most obvious things are the last seen. Today's feature article explains.

A question came up recently about how best to access the new PDF-format Gold Edition on your smartphone. There are several options, but I recommend something that's both free to download, free (and easy) to use and is available in iPhone, Android and Blackberry versions - Dropbox. Simply install it on all devices - desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc., "drop" the Gold Edition into your computer application, and it automatically synchs with all other devices.

Available now: BookThink's complete Gold Edition in PDF format. All 59 Gold Editions have been recently updated (and in some cases expanded) and combined into a PDF format e-book. A table of contents presents clickable report titles, and the entire document is searchable by keywords. The PDF format ensures 100% compatibility with all computers, tablets and smartphones, and it's easier than ever to take the Gold Edition with you on scouting trips. Purchase it here for $59.99. Click here to see several sample pages.

Important: If you have previously purchased a complete Gold Edition package, this e-book is available to you at no charge. Email me at editor@bookthink.com for your copy. Also, if you have purchased any Gold Edition issues either singly or in groups at any time, we will subtract those purchases from the price of the e-book. Again, email me at editor@bookthink.com and we will research your purchases and forward a discounted invoice reflecting them.

Chapter 10 of BookThink's Guide to Online Bookselling was delivered last week to subscribers. New subscribers will receive all chapters issued to date and all remaining chapters as they are issued. Subscribe here.

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