Update Announcements

by Craig Stark

12 March 2012

First, some housekeeping:

Issue #6 of BookThink's Booksellers Author Reports, Irma Rombauer (The Joy of Cooking), was delivered to subscribers last week. If you didn't get your copy, please contact me at editor@bookthink.com. You can subscribe or purchase individual copies (PDF or print) here, and please note that new subscribers will receive all reports published to date. Next up in this series will be Margaret Mitchell (Gone with the Wind) - an extensive analysis of publication history and a detailed presentation of the near endless bookselling opportunities GWTW presents.

If you're a BookHunt user, you've likely received an error message involving an expired author token. This matter will be resolved shortly, and I'll make an announcement when the new version is available.

Finally, we're going to run the Gold Edition sale one more week. Here's the deal: Purchase one Gold Edition report at the regular price of $5.00 and select any two additional reports at no additional charge. You can indicate which free issues you want either by typing the issue numbers in the PayPal notes box when you check out or by emailing me at editor@bookthink.com. These reports have been reformatted to PDF and, where necessary, updated and in some cases expanded.

Purchase here.

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