Special Report

by Craig Stark

#159 Special Announcements, 9 January 2012

Happy New Year all! Feeling energized about bookselling? I am. I'm also looking forward to doing whatever I can to help your bookselling cause during the coming year. We'll continue to publish regular newsletters with just that in mind - click here to subscribe to The BookThinker free - and progress continues on BookThink's Guide to Online Bookselling. To date, nine chapters have been released, and Chapter 10 will be published this month. For those of you unfamiliar with this guide, it's a comprehensive, detailed and illustrated bookselling how-to that will assist you in converting from the increasingly unsustainable business model of selling commodity books to the sustainable model of selling antiquarian books - and anybody can do this if you're willing to work. Subscribe here.

Progress also continues on converting all previously published BookThink products to PDF format and, when necessary, revising. When completed, these will be provided free of charge to any of you who have purchased TXT format products in the past. Also, if you purchase BookThink's complete reports package - a massive resource of bookselling know-how - we will send you all currently completed PDF reports along with the complete TXT package. Get this done here.

Some of you may have noticed the quiet arrival of a new bibliography late last year. I say "quiet" because it's not only a bibliography that examines the work of arguably our country's greatest writer but also one that has, in my opinion, broken new ground in the field of bibliography - all this with remarkably little fanfare to date. I hope to correct this to some small degree in today's installment of Building a Bookselling Library.

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