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by Craig Stark

#154, 14 March 2011

Over the next month or so BookThink will be publishing a series of articles by collector Stan Zielinksi, author of the popular reference, Children's Picturebooks, that will present what he has determined to be the top 100 collectible children's books and his rationale for choosing them. Even if children's books are not your specialty, there is much to be gained from observing the serious collector of any genre, and in this case Stan has provided much insight that can help us in our own efforts to market to any and all collectors. Today, Stan introduces the series and offers the first 25 titles - what he calls the Marquis 25.

In a column several weeks back I made a tongue-in-cheek reference to bookseller's forums, suggested that perhaps they weren't the very best places for learning the bookselling trade, but conceded that they might be useful for tracking down the best prices for bubble mailers. Well, guess what? A new BookThink sponsor has some very good prices on bubble mailers - some of the best I've seen - and what's more, shipping is free, and if you find some mailers on sale elsewhere, they will p rice match. Though not a heavy user of bubble mailers myself, I ordered some from Discount Bubble Mailers a week or so ago and was impressed with both the fast service and product quality (both strong and lightweight). To give them a try, go to BookThink's home page and click the top banner.

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