From the Editor

by Craig Stark

#151, 6 December 2010

Based on the lively response we received from our recently announced sale of subscriptions to our premium newsletters - BookThink's Guide to Online Bookselling (formerly the Gold Edition) and BookThink's Bookseller's Author Reports - I'm inclined to issue an apology for our previous pricing. It seems that the sale price of $49.99 for each was far more budget-friendly for many of you. The last thing we want to do is price these things out of reach, so for the time being, we'll keep the sale prices in place and revisit things in a few weeks. If sales remain brisk, we may decide to leave things as is, and more of you will have access to the kind of information that can help you succeed.

We're publishing an excerpt from our current Author Report this week to give non-subscribers an idea of what they will be getting for their $49.99. In booklet format, these reports typically run 25 to 30 pages, so believe me, these aren't something we toss off in an afternoon; they are in-depth analyses of carefully selected, profit-generating authors. We show you, specifically, what to look for and how to market what you find. Mastering just one author can mean a difference of hundreds if not thousands of dollars to your annual income. This is very definitely the case with this week's featured author, Ayn Rand, whose books are currently undergoing a kind of renaissance. New subscribers will receive all four Author Reports issued to date and an additional eight in coming months to complete the 12-issue subscription. Purchase a subscription or individual issues here here.

BookThink's Guide to Online Bookselling is also available at the sale price of $49.99. Three chapters have been published to date, and new subscribers will receive these and all remaining chapters, as they are issued, until completion, projected for late next year. If you're new to bookselling or not so new and struggling, this guide will give you the up-to-date, meaningful information you'll need to make things happen in today's volatile market. Purchase a subscription here here.

Speaking of profit-generating authors, we're always on the lookout for new ones, and I think we might have an excellent candidate in legal thriller author Jilliane Hoffman. Four books are in the can to date, and her first, Retribution, has been moving up in value in the signed first edition state as additional books are issued and her reputation grows. Movie rights have been purchased; watch for a spike when it goes into production. BookThink's Media Editor Catherine Petruccione spoke with Jilliane recently. The result is an especially interesting portrait.

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