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Antiquarian & Collectible Top 5
November 2008

#1 $35,000.00 Original 1830 THE BOOK OF MORMON
#2 $31,100.00 RARE Handwritten german Book of Hours
#3 $30,099.00 RARE Incunable by Schoffer (1471)! Constit. Clementinae
#4 $25,600.00 Vita Christi - Rare Incunable from 1484 - 138 Woodcuts
#5 $19,036.00 Barack Obama Dreams From My Father High School Yearbook

The Book of Mormon
Joseph Smith, Junior


An original 1830 copy of The Book of Mormon sold as a BIN within 12 hours of being listed

Book of Hours (1480)

The 15th century handwritten German illuminated manuscript in "an elegant 18th century calf binding" attracted 55 bids for the German seller.

Constitutiones Clementinae
3d ed., 1471

The German seller of #2 also sold #3 and #4. This time it was an illuminated copy of "the early incunable edition of the famous constitutiones !! printed by Peter Schoffer. It sold after 35 bids.

Vita Christi (1482)

The German seller of #2 and #3 comes in at #4 as well with yet another 15th century item. In this case, it is an "extremely rare and early double edition of the Vita Christi and a Treatise on the Seven Sacraments in Dutch !!! Contains 138 (!) grand woodcut illustrations, all in old coloration ...." It sold after 49 bids.

Dreams From My Father
Barack Obama

The 2 items in this auction are a signed near mint condition copy of Dreams From My Father, and a yearbook showing Obama as as sophomore in high school. The duo sold after 64 bids.

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