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by Craig Stark

#128, 12 October 2008

John Lennon: The Lost Weekend

Suppose you and your Significant Other haven't been getting along lately. Suppose also that you're good friends with another woman (or man, as the case may be). Then suppose that, since your SO likes this friend, she suggests that you start dating her because she would rather you be with somebody she knew and trusted than a stranger. Finally, suppose that your SO has every intention of returning to you in time - and can exert the manipulative power to make it happen! This bizarre, true life story is brought to you by none other than John and Yoko - and friend May Pang.

What's perhaps more interesting is that this "affair" occurred during Lennon's infamous 18-month "Lost Weekend" period - a time when he enjoyed enormous creative output and, ironically, also confronted his demons, drinking excessively to medicate the pain. Fans, of course, want the inside story, and May Pang delivers it in John Lennon: The Lost Weekend.

Booksellers take note that this book was originally published in 1983 by Warner Books as Loving John - totaling a whopping 500 pages. It was then edited/updated to 300 pages and retitled John Lennon: The Lost Weekend. The focus in the first book is more on Pang's contributions to Lennon's music; in the second, there's a shift to the more sensational aspects of their affair. The newer version should come in north of $50; the original perhaps half that.

You'll see 100 profit-producing books like this every 3 months in BookThink's Quarterly Market Report of Common, Profitable Books, each one presented in a clear format with bibliographic essentials and links to photos. Here is the actual entry for John Lennon: The Lost Weekend, #16 in QMR, issue #6 (soon to be published):

AUTHOR: May Pang and Henry Edwards
PLACE: New York
IMPRINT: S.P.I. Books. (Originally published by Warner Books in 1983.)
ISBN or LCCN: 1561711764
ISBN-13: 978-1561711765
BINDING: Softcover

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