by Timothy Doyle

#118, 14 April 2008

Exceptions to the Rule
The Science Fiction Book Club
Part II

Collecting Science Fiction

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In Part I of this article, I discussed the well-known rule of bookselling that states that book club editions hold little value. I demonstrated that a very simple search technique could find numerous exceptions to this rule among books published by the Science Fiction Book Club. The examples I presented in Part I demonstrated two common themes. First, many of these titles were from "classic" SF authors - names like Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, and E.E. "Doc" Smith.

Second, nearly all of these titles were omnibus editions - that is, editions in which two or more titles previously published separately are released together in a single volume, sometimes with a new introduction.

My research for this article revealed several more SFBC editions that will bring good to great resale values. All of the books presented below are omnibus editions, and as such they conform to one of the two patterns established in Part I. However, these titles are not by SF authors that would be considered "classic," at least not in the same sense as Heinlein and Asimov. In fact, I was surprised to find that Glen Cook was such a popular author.

Garrett on the Case (Angry Lead Skies, Whispering Nickel Idols)
ISBN: 0739455176
Cook, Glen

Garrett P.I (Old Tin Sorrows, Dread Brass Shadows, Red Iron Nights)
ISBN: 0739436082

Garrett Investigates (Deadly Quicksilver Lies, Petty Pewter Gods, Faded Steel Heat) ISBN: 0739447521
Cook, Glen

The Black Company Goes South (Silver Spike, Dreams of Steel, Shadow Games)
ISBN: 0739428438
Cook, Glen

The Black Company: Glittering Stone, Volume 1 (Bleak Seasons, She Is the Darkness)
ISBN: 073941299X
Cook, Glen

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