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by Craig Stark

#112,14 January 2008

An Introduction

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Something new and different for you this week: You'll now see links to live eBay auctions on BookThink. These will be updated daily and feature items that we think might be especially interesting to you as a bookseller or book collector.

Since this is a brand new project for us, I don't expect that we'll hit home runs with all or even many of these auctions immediately. However, I believe that, over time, we'll get much better at selecting what works for you and what doesn't and develop this into a useful, time-saving (and perhaps profitable) resource. To this end, your feedback will be invaluable. I'm always here: editor@bookthink.com

Here are some examples of the kinds of auctions you'll see:

Bookselling Reference Books

Building a good bookselling reference library is difficult on two counts - some references are difficult to find, and many are expensive. It's a long process for most of us but a necessary one. eBay is a great venue for locating difficult to find references, also good for finding bargains on the more common ones. We'll feature both, along with back issues of book-related publications.

Bookselling Supplies

It isn't always straightforward purchasing supplies on eBay, but some of the lowest prices anywhere can be had. This is especially true of things like bubble mailers, bubble wrap, poly bags, etc.

Bookselling Tools

Have you been thinking about getting a book press? How about an ozone generator for zapping odors out of books? Look for them here. We'll be putting them up regularly.

Books about Books

Booksellers and book collectors love books about books, fiction and non-fiction. John Dunning novels, for example, fine press histories - the list is endless, as you'll soon see.

Most Watched Items

It's both interesting and educational to see what's getting the most action on eBay. We'll include most watched items in the following categories: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Antiquarian & Collectible, Children's Books, and Magazine Back Issues.

Important Items

Though it's likely you won't be bidding on these, we'll occasionally feature items that are especially desirable and important in the literary field.

Potential Inventory Items

Agreed, this will be tricky. One of the secrets of effectively purchasing inventory on eBay is to keep a low profile as a buyer and trust that nobody else notices something you have your eye on - until you can snipe it at the last moment. Featuring these kinds of items may simply draw too much attention to them and attract unwanted bidders. We'll see what happens. At the very least this will help new booksellers learn what types of items can often be had on eBay at prices that enable you to resell them for profit.

Special Items

This is sort of a catch-all for anything that doesn't fall into one of the above categories buy may hold interest anyway - like a Victorian book safe? Or things that illuminate an unusual or even questionable marketing technique. Also, occasionally, we'll post auctions of books featured in QMR or the Gold Edition. Whether or not they meet their price can be very instructive.

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