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#110, 17 December 2007

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Buying and Selling Ephemera
Evolution of Santa Claus

Whatever your perception of Christmas, there's no question that this holiday has an edge, not unlike Halloween, and even if you embrace the notion that Santa is a harmless, jovial creature who teaches the joy of giving and not (with a quick jumbling of letters) Satan himself, you have doubtless experienced unease now and again at the gap between what Christmas was "meant" to be and what it actually is. Yes, the dark side of collecting has arrived once again, and who else but Michele Behan to illuminate Christmas collectibles?

The Accidental Antiquarian
What is an Antiquarian Bookseller, Anyway?

Next, you've doubtless heard the term "antiquarian book" many times before, but what does it mean exactly? Surprisingly few bookmen have even attempted a definition, though many are quick seemingly content to call themselves antiquarian booksellers. Me, I confess that I consulted several dozen of my references books looking for a good discussion of it, and, if there was a definition at all (not usually the case) it was essentially meaningless. Example: "antiquarian bookseller: a dealer in old, rare or secondhand books" [The Bookman's Glossary, Jean Peters], which of course could apply to somebody who got his start yesterday by listing a used textbook on Amazon Marketplace! Well, we're braver at BookThink - rather, our Accidental Antiquarian Chris Lowenstein is - and I think you'll be enlightened by the definition she came up with.



From the Editor
Important announcements for BookThinker readers.

First Edition Points
Grading Books
The Effect of Defects on a Book's Grade

Since the onset of online bookselling some 10 or so years ago the problem of failing to adequately describe serious condition issues has gotten significantly worse, and sadly, collectors are often disappointed with their acquisitions. This hurts us all because it casts a shadow over internet book shopping in general. If we truly care about the profession, it also obligates us to at least attempt to clean up the mess - and to help fight this battle, Thomas Lee is back today to continue his discussion on book grading.

How to Start
a Clicks-and-Bricks Used Bookstore
Organizing Your Business
Part V: Creating Your Business Logo

Jill Hendrix is here as well to continue her comprehensive series on how to start a clicks-and-brick used bookstore. Last time she discussed an important step in the process (registering your business) that probably isn't too high on the fun scale for most of us, but today it should be significantly more entertaining - creating your business logo. Even if you're strictly an online bookseller, this can be a vital step in growing your business.s



BookThink's Quarterly Market Report of Common, Profitable Books
Issue #3
Issue #3 of BookThink's Quarterly Market Report of Common, Profitable Books is now available for purchase. Purchase or subscribe now.

Gold Edition #44
When "Bad" Books Are Good
Before I resume my discussion about buying and selling hypermodern mainstream fiction, I'm going to step back in time slightly to what is commonly regarded as modern fiction - and not just any modern fiction but the most collectible fiction out there. And forget about first editions. I'm going to put some easy money in your pockets. Over the years I've compiled a list of titles in my scouting book that are so intensely collected that we booksellers can make good money selling copies of them even if we never encounter anything in a first edition state. Purchase now.


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Professor Booknoodle's Scrapbook
A Not-So-Perfect Christmas Book
from the Past ...
The Bad Seed of Xmas Mania?

You know what we've been missing around here? A good old fashioned curmudgeon - some grumpy old guy to keep things in perspective for us. I didn't set out looking for one, but I found one anyway, and the best part is that he knows a thing or two about books. What's more, unlikely as it seems, he's been teleported (or something) from the last century. If you frequent the eBay Booksellers forum or have read his eBay blog, some of you may already know him. That's right - Professor Booknoodle has arrived at BookThink. And none too soon either because he's packed in interesting Christmas tale to share with you today.

UK Bookselling
Chronicles of Success

Moving ahead to the 21st century - Contributing Editor Claire Maine visits today with UK bookselling phenomenon Wendy Alec. To date, two astonishingly successful self-published books have been produced - Books One and Two of the epic fantasy series Chronicles of Brothers - and a third is scheduled for release next year. As usual, Claire offers BookThink readers an opportunity to fatten their wallets on limited editions and contributes an interview with the author - who, by the way, teamed up with her husband Rory some years ago to found GOD TV, an international media network now boasting over 500,000,000 viewers.



UK Bookselling
Interview with Wendy Alec

BookThink Contributing Editor Claire Main interviews Wendy Alec.


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