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#109, 3 December 2007

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Professor Booknoodle's Scrapbook
A Not-So-Perfect Christmas Book
from the Past ...
The Bad Seed of Xmas Mania?

You know what we've been missing around here? A good old fashioned curmudgeon - some grumpy old guy to keep things in perspective for us. I didn't set out looking for one, but I found one anyway, and the best part is that he knows a thing or two about books. What's more, unlikely as it seems, he's been teleported (or something) from the last century. If you frequent the eBay Booksellers forum or have read his eBay blog, some of you may already know him. That's right - Professor Booknoodle has arrived at BookThink. And none too soon either because he's packed in interesting Christmas tale to share with you today.

UK Bookselling
Chronicles of Success

Moving ahead to the 21st century - Contributing Editor Claire Maine visits today with UK bookselling phenomenon Wendy Alec. To date, two astonishingly successful self-published books have been produced - Books One and Two of the epic fantasy series Chronicles of Brothers - and a third is scheduled for release next year. As usual, Claire offers BookThink readers an opportunity to fatten their wallets on limited editions and contributes an interview with the author - who, by the way, teamed up with her husband Rory some years ago to found GOD TV, an international media network now boasting over 500,000,000 viewers.




UK Bookselling
Interview with Wendy Alec

BookThink Contributing Editor Claire Main interviews Wendy Alec.

From the Editor
Important announcements for BookThinker readers.

Shipping Solutions for Booksellers
The New Multi-D Box

Ready for something exciting today? Here it is - an article on packaging methods! I know, I know, yawn, and besides, we've long since exhausted the topic of using b-flute, but I assure you that this is something new and exciting - magic boxes for books. They're cheap, lightning fast to use, and the two available sizes will fold to custom fit just about any book you toss into it. How can this be? Find out in today's first article.

Saving the Independent Book Store
An Interview with Larry Portzline

Next is Catherine Petruccione's interview with Larry Portzline, a man on a mission to save an endangered species - the indie bookstore. Can he turn back the hands of time? Well, this college instructor (and writer) is going to give it the old college try by taking an extended road trip next year to indies across the fruited plain. And you can help.



Gold Edition #44
When "Bad" Books Are Good
Before I resume my discussion about buying and selling hypermodern mainstream fiction, I'm going to step back in time slightly to what is commonly regarded as modern fiction - and not just any modern fiction but the most collectible fiction out there. And forget about first editions. I'm going to put some easy money in your pockets. Over the years I've compiled a list of titles in my scouting book that are so intensely collected that we booksellers can make good money selling copies of them even if we never encounter anything in a first edition state. Purchase now.


BookThink's Quarterly Market Report of Common, Profitable Books
Issue #2
Issue #2 of BookThink's Quarterly Market Report of Common, Profitable Books is now available for purchase. Purchase or subscribe now.

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BookThink T-Shirt
Special and Contest

First up is Ephemera Editor Michele Behan, who announces two BookThink holiday contests. You'll have to read her article to find out what they are, but let me take this opportunity to express my appreciation for her bravery in posting her photo!

How I Turned My Business Around
In One Weekend
or ASellerTool to the Rescue

Second up is Links Editor Judy Lanskey, who took out time from her now very busy bookselling schedule to write an article on how she turned things in one weekend. That's right - one weekend.


Update on
The Ballad of the Whiskey Robber

Finally, you may recall an intriguing interview Media Editor Catherine Petruccione did with The Ballad of a Whiskey Robber author Julian Rubinstein. Well, she's back with an interesting update, and I do recommend you watch the YouTube video.


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