From The Editor

by Craig Stark

#108, 19 November 2007

You may recall an excellent bookplate primer Ephemera Editor Michele Behan wrote a few months ago.

Part II of this article appears today - and this time it's an intriguing story of a bizarre bookplate she encountered in an otherwise forgettable book and her efforts to uncover information about it. There's a happy ending, but it's not exactly what you might expect. Speaking of bizarre bookplates, don't forget Lewis Jaffe's Bizarre Bookplate Contest, which ends on December 1.

Pamela Palmer is back this month with another Top 10 on eBay - and another pile of NARUs, more auction tampering at the high end: "After July, the deluge .... In August, the growing number of summer NARUs reached flood stage. While trolling for the non-fiction top 10, 9 different auctions held the #1 slot only to fall to the non-paying buyers. BookThink could have had a non-fiction top 10 with only 1 seemingly completed purchase. Instead, we persevered, so instead of the single title listed as #1, you'll see the list of 9, each "sold" for $9,999, a price never paid. The good news of the month was a healthy contingent of UK sellers showing up on the charts."

Finally, a reminder about our sale: Buy absolutely any of BookThink's e-publications between now and December 31, 2007, and you'll get a 25% discount. This discount applies to individual back issues, back issues packages (yes, including the complete back issues package), and subscriptions. Here's a list of what's available and how much it'll cost with the discount applied:

Special Subscription Package - Gold Edition + Quarterly Market Report = $44.99 Special Complete Back Issue Package = $112.49
How to Become a Fulltime Bookseller = $22.49
How to Buy Inventory Online = $11.24
Gold Edition Subscription = $22.49
Gold Edition Individual Back Issues = $3.75
Quarterly Market Report Subscription = $37.49
Quarterly Market Report Individual Back Issues = $14.99
50/50 Individual Back Issues #1-#4 = $7.50
50/50 Individual Back Issues #5-#22 = $3.75

Note that if you're already a subscriber to one or both of the newsletters, you may take advantage of these discounts to extend your subscriptions. We'll simply advance your subscriptions one year forward from their existing expiration dates. If you currently subscribe to both newsletters, what this means is that you can extend your subscriptions for $5 less than what you would previously have paid for a subscription to QMR alone. Get it done here.

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