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by Craig Stark

#107, 12 November 2007

Pricing a book properly can be one of the more difficult things for new booksellers to learn - but absolutely one of the most important. Since many booksellers begin their bookselling lives on Amazon Marketplace, it's especially important that they understand the pricing issues peculiar to this venue. And there are plenty. Steve Weber is here today to illuminate them in "The Fine Art of Pricing Books on Amazon."

I'm also delighted to introduce a new BookThink writer today - Chris Lowenstein. Those of you who read Karin Bergsagel's recent report on her week at the Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar may recall her referencing a bookselling blog written by Chris. Well, I was so impressed with her archived posts - which, by the way, chronicle an apprenticeship she's presently "serving" in antiquarian bookselling - that I invited her to contribute to BookThink. Her first column narrates how she came to the decision to pursue this profession.

Another thought on this - one of the reasons I wanted Chris to share her experiences with us was to demonstrate that there are many roads into bookselling. Not everybody needs to start by selling $5 ISBNs on Amazon. On the contrary, you can begin wherever your heart takes you.

Finally, do you know what a BGB is? I couldn't blame you if you didn't because it's an acronym I coined for issue #44 of the Gold Edition (delivered last night). I got tired of typing out "Bad Good Book" and shortened it to "BGB." BGBs, in this context, are books that most booksellers would leave on the shelf - common later printings of fiction titles, usually without dust jackets. Trouble is, if you do pass them by, there goes $30, $50 or more out the window every time. I listed 53 of the BGBs you're most likely to encounter in this issue, and there"s no better time to purchase it. All BookThink publications are on sale at 25% off until December 31. If you're already a subscriber to the premium newsletters, you can renew your subscriptions at these special rates whether or not they're about to expire. More details here.

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