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by Craig Stark

#106, 29 October 2007

When I was 3, we lived in a 2-bedroom house in Kansas City, Missouri. Since I had 2 sisters, guess what I had to do? Room with them. I recall that time now as one of the spookier times in my life, in part because of the violent thunderstorms that terrorized the region but also because, after the lights went out, my sisters would invariably announce that the boogieman (or bogeyman, if you prefer) had arrived, was hiding under my bed - and he was going to get me if I fell asleep. Not them; me.

As I grew up, Halloween, therefore, disturbed me; after all, it was the official boogieman's holiday. But, like most kids, getting scared or scaring somebody eventually evolved into a fun thing, and Halloween took on a less sinister aspect. However, as Michele Behan points out in today's article, "The Hair-Raising Prices of Dennison's Bogie Books," Halloween is far tamer, more child-oriented now than it once was. There was more to be scared of then. I had better reason to be scared. It was the point of it all. Costumes and candy rule today's Halloween.

Which brings me to bogie books. Guess what? They're highly collectible, as are most any vintage Halloween memorabilia. Part of the mystique is that these books, memorabilia, etc., were published/manufactured during an era when Halloween had an edge - and so the dark side of collecting rears its head once again! Join Michele as she shows you the haunting details. And explains.

Jill Hendrix is also here today. She discusses another unsexy but highly important step in starting your book business - registering it.

Finally, I've mentioned this before, but the question keeps getting asked. If you've been lamenting the departure of the text version of the email newsletter - most say they miss it because it was easy to print out and read later on a swimming pool float toy - there's no reason to. It hasn't departed. It's still getting sent along with the HTML version. The question is how to access it. All email clients/hosts have differences, but there should be an option somewhere for you to get at it. (In Yahoo, it's a link you click at the very bottom of the page.)

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