From The Editor

by Craig Stark

#106, 22 October 2007

Readers of BookThink's NewsBlog may recall that Karin Bergsagel attended the annual Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar this past August. Today I'm pleased to publish her report, which not only presents a richly detailed, journal-like account of her week in Colorado Springs with the grand masters of bookselling but offers some surprises as well. Thanks go out to Heidi Congalton of Between the Covers Rare Books for the accompanying photos.

Also with us today is BookThink's Media Editor Catherine Petruccione. Ordinarily, we seek out the author's we interview; this time it was the author who sought Cathy out - rather, her book store, Old Scrolls Book Shop of Stanley, New York - and what ultimately resulted was an interview with travel writer Mary A. Hood. A happy bonus for us. Moreover, now I know what a strangler fig is, and soon you will too.

Another Heritage Press BookThink eBay auction is in the can. This time it was a 1948 printing of The Compleat Angler. Like the book that preceded it several weeks ago (The Seven Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor) this too had been quietly stored in its original shipping box for some 59 years, and its condition was remarkable. Is. The result? $42.05 for a book that can usually be had in collectible condition for under $10. This brings our 2-book total to $93.06 - an average of $46.53 per. I'm beginning to suspect that condition matters significantly to Heritage Press collectors. In any case, look for at least one more (hopefully confirming) BookThink auction soon. If you're interested in taking a closer look at the just-completed transaction, the item number is 200160343418.

Finally, my sincere apologies for being late with the September Gold Edition. Life gets in the way sometimes, and this was one of those multi-pronged assaults from the book gods, which (fortunately) included an early start to the holiday bookselling season. I hope yours started early as well. In any case, issue #43 was delivered on October 17, and do email me at if your copy didn't land in your inbox.

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