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by Craig Stark

#102, 3 September 2007

Opposite ends of the spectrum are represented today. First, Empirical Bookman Jaime Frontero resumes his already popular series with an upscale how-to on where to buy books for resale. There are some nuts and bolts here but also some insight into the process. Read slowly. Read carefully. Mull.

Keeping Jaime company is BookThink's "Clueless Bookseller" Brenna Hopkins. Brenna's topic is packaging books - well, not exactly; it's more a matter of contemplating the Zen of packaging books. Bet you didn't know there was such a thing. We think perhaps she's a good bit further along with this bookselling biz than we suspected.

Third in line is my weekly column, "QMR Book of the Week," wherein I present a brief analysis of a relatively common yet profitable book that appears in BookThink's Quarterly Market Report. This is a freebie. If you want 99 additional titles that achieve the same thing, you can purchase a single issue for $19.99 - or better yet purchase an annual subscription for $49.99.

By the way, if you can't find this article, there's a reason; you aren't subscribed to the email BookThinker. The website version is utterly bereft of it. Fortunately, you can subscribe here at no charge.

Finally, Claire Maine's eBay charity auction noted in last week's BookThinker for a rare copy of the Colony Edition of the Highfield Mole sold today for 2,151.00 or 4,338.36 USD!

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