From The Editor

by Craig Stark

#99, 16 July 2007

BookThink's Children's Books Editor and reigning Queen of Flashpoints, Guusje Moore, returns after a long absence today with a discussion of kit lit illustrators, who frequently overshadow the authors they work with. FOL sales are often fertile ground for snagging books illustrated by collectible illustrators - and just as often this ground is overlooked by generalist dealers. Money in the bank.

Also, our now somewhat-less-clueless clueless bookseller, Brenna Hopkins, contributes another column on her further adventures. This time she strays from the path some to enter the CD game field and, along the way, has some thoughts to share on ethical aspects of selling (or not) potentially objectionable stuff. Brenna launched a discussion recently titled "Stumped by Books" in the BookThink New Booksellers forum. Please join in.

Speaking of long absences, guess what we have today? A Booksellers Profile! Hang Fire Books honcho William Smith has a go at it, and I think you'll be impressed at how much he's progressed in the short two years he's been at bookselling.

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