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by Craig Stark

#98, 9 June 2007

BookThink's Claire Main presents another potential money-maker for BookThinkers today, also a new contest. This time it's crime fiction in the manner of Dame Agatha Christie - Dolores Gordon-Smith's recently published novel, A Fete Worse than Death. Answer the 6 questions in her article correctly, and you'll be entered into a competition for a framed, signed publicity postcard and a Royal Flying Corps cap badge, which protagonist Jack Haldean might have worn. Should you or shouldn't you invest in first editions? You be the judge.

Also up is Claire's interview with author Gordon-Smith. Needless to say, chocolate is involved once again.

You may have noticed that we've fallen behind some on our monthly eBay Top 10s. We'll do our best to catch up this summer, starting with April's list today. Here's Associate Editor Pamela Palmer's take on the April finalists: "The Fiction Top 10 started out in typical fashion with heavy weighting toward Stephen King and son Joe Hill. Then at #9, it split into a 3-way tie, making it the Top 11 list. If you are wearing a hat, though, settle it firmly before checking out the Non-fiction list. This month saw strange behavior crop up, making it a wild international ride, especially for a certain buyer from China."

Item numbers for Top 10 auctions are available only to subscribers of BookThink's Top 10 on eBay newsletter. Subscribe free by writing me, Craig Stark, at editor@bookthink.com.

FYI, in addition to BookThink's new NewsBlog, Breaking Bookselling News from BookThink.com, there is a new forum for discussing news items that appear (or not) in blog posts. The forum is moderated by BookThink's News Editor Karin Bergsagel.

Finally, there's new content on BookThink's MySpace website.

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