From The Editor

by Craig Stark

#97, 18 June 2007

If you already have (or are contemplating launching) your own bookselling website, how serious are you about making it work? Many are built, but it seems that few of them thrive - and often failure has little or nothing to do with inventory quality. In any case, if you are serious, it's time to roll up your sleeves, read Kent Johnson's latest installment in his "Building a Website for Successful Bookselling" series, and - you knew this was coming - get to work!

Jill Hendrix is back today as well with Part III of "Writing a Used Bookstore Business Plan." A note to those of you who have no intention of opening an open shop bookstore: Read Jill's articles anyway. There's much advice here for booksellers in general, and her suggestions may very well trigger some productive thinking on how to improve your businesses.

BookThink's MySpace friends now number 120. Not one of them? What are you waiting for? BookThink's MySpace Editor Anita Ashland has some interesting articles planned for the coming weeks. Don't miss them!

Sales of Tom Lee's new first edition guide have been brisk this week - and for good reason. This is a great resource. Buy it on BookThink for the best price anywhere.

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