From The Editor

by Craig Stark

#94, 7 May 2007

Pick a title, any title, of collectible fiction and perform a search for first edition copies on any major venue. If, for the sake of argument, 100 results are returned, on average how many would you guess were misrepresented by sellers? 5? 10? Not likely. Far more likely to be 50 - perhaps as many as 90. Has it really gotten this bad? It most certainly has, and if nothing is done about it, booksellers can soon kiss whatever credibility we think we have goodbye. Today's first article examines this growing problem and offers some solutions.

Also today, Steve Weber discusses a relatively new method for promoting your inventory - pay-per-click advertising. Though presently dominated by Google AdWords, more major players have lately entered the market, and competition will be heating up. If rates drop as a result, could this become an effective tool for sending buyers to your website? Perhaps.

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