Why You Should Write
for BookThink

by Craig Stark

#93, 30 April 2007

Over the years BookThink has had article contributions from many booksellers and others associated with the book industry. Many of these are insightful and/or useful in a practical sense; many have held their value over time - and we trust that, in one way or another, some of them have helped advance your bookselling businesses.

Have we covered it all? Not hardly. Nor will we ever. And this raises today's question, "Why not you?" I'm certain that, if you've been selling books for any length of time, you know something that few if any of the rest of us do that would measurably help our businesses. In the first place, everybody stumbles across something sooner or later, perhaps a time-saving trick, a cheaper method of doing business, an unorthodox but effective listing technique - or any of a myriad of other possibilities. Also, everybody necessarily has a different background with different strengths as well, a special expertise that stands apart from others.

Or maybe your knowledge is unusually deep, and you have something important to say about bookselling that would sustain a regular contribution. We're especially nice to our columnists: We pay them. We give them perqs. Last year we gave them a Christmas bonus. And we even answer their emails!

But the benefits don't stop there. Exposure for BookThink writers is substantial. If your website could use a shot in the arm, if you could use a few extra sales, writing for us will get it done. And don't forget the best payoff of all: The very activity of writing about (in this case) books or bookselling will set in motion a process that will teach you more about it than you could ever teach others.

Write me today at editor@bookthink.com throw an idea our way, and, all kidding aside, your email will be answered.

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