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by Craig Stark

#93, 30 April 2007

I knew this was going to happen sooner or later: There'd come a time when I'd have to write something for BookThink about woodworking. I spent many years designing and building furniture, and - a funny thing - as I look around me in my book cottage, I'm hard put to see anything that I haven't built or somehow retrofit from something that was otherwise headed for the curb, including storage units for books. If you're having book storage problems, our new series, "Storage Solutions for Booksellers," might be helpful. Part I addresses some of the general options and lays the groundwork for some more specific suggestions to follow.

Another series launches today as well. Website optimizer Kent Johnson has signed on to do a series of articles on website enhancement, "Building a Website for Successful Bookselling." As you might suspect (or know already), there's no instant solution that will turn your website into a moneymaker, but if you're willing to work and apply his suggestions, you'll be on your way.

Finally - or, I should say, first, have you ever considered to writing for us? If so, take a look at our first article, "Why You Should Write for BookThink."

Gold Edition subscribers will receive the final issue of our series, Part IV of "Bookselling on the Cutting Edge: Flashpoints," shortly. This offers an extensive list of movies that are completed but not yet released, in post production, currently filming, in pre-production, or in development that are based on books. This will provide subscribers with a basis for researching books that may prove profitable after their respective movies are released. Subscribe here to receive this issue and the preceding three.

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