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by Craig Stark

#91, 2 April 2007

When I first began selling on eBay, now many years ago, there were entire classes of books that just couldn't go wrong - that is, any title that fell within the boundaries of one of these would sell for a price worth bothering with. Wild turkey hunting (one of my favorites), is a good example - and anything by or about nuns! Today it's much different. There are few topics that consistently deliver profits from top to bottom, and neither wild turkey hunting nor nuns are among them. However, what this early experience taught me was that collectors still hang around in these same places, albeit looking for somewhat less common items to add to their collections. In today's BookThinker, History Editor William Klimon looks at what nun enthusiasts are still paying big bucks for today.

Also, Children's Books Editor Guusje Moore returns with some advice that may conflict with what you think you know as you know nothing else: Some children's book club editions are most definitely profitable. Lots of good scouting information is provided, as usual, including some - you guessed it - nun books.

Finally, an announcement. Beginning with the next issue, BookThink's 50/50 takes on a new name - BookThink's Quarterly Market Report of Common, Profitable Books - and a new format. In the process of making these changes, we've taken a close look at your feedback.

First, we'll make a serious effort to link to images of featured books. Copyright issues prevent our including the images in the body of the report, but links are the next best thing. Keep in mind they aren't immortal - and some are downright ephemeral. Along with images, we'll provide more publication data and explanatory notes.

Second, the format will shift from 25 titles monthly to 100 titles quarterly. That's an increase of 100 titles per annum over the previous format. The new name - BookThink's Quarterly Market Report of Common, Profitable Books - will reflect this change.

Third, the criteria for featured titles will be expanded to include books and other items valued at $30 and up instead of $50 and up. Since there are far, far more possibilities in the $30 to $50 range, the new market report will be more useful to you because featured books will be much easier to find. At the same time, keeping the bar at $30 will ensure a good return.

Lastly, price - we're raising it for two reasons. One, content will be both expanded and upgraded; and two, website expenses continue to climb as we grow BookThink. Annual subscriptions to BookThink's Quarterly Market Report will be $49.99, and individual reports will be available for $19.99 each. Current subscribers will be dealt with generously. If you are presently 25% or less into your 50/50 subscription, you will receive three 100-title market reports in the coming year; if you are 50% or less but greater than 25% into it, you will receive two; and so on. In all cases you will receive reports with item totals significantly greater than what you would have received had your 50/50 subscription continued unchanged. You will be notified by email in April with specific details applicable to your subscription. If for any reason, this arrangement doesn't work for you, write me at editor@bookthink.com and we'll work something out. Please note that the first issue of the new report will be delivered sometime in late April or early May.

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